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10 Household Essentials That Are Worth It


Did you know that the average American home has 300,000 “things” inside? We love to collect and gather items as we go through life, from art to decor to practical items. There are thousands of household items on the market today, and narrowing down which ones are really necessary can be very challenging.

If you are looking for which household essentials you really need, look no further. Keep reading for our top 10 household essentials that are worth the investment.

1. A Great Coffee Maker

Topping our list of home essentials is the coffee maker. If you start every day with a fresh cup of coffee, it is worthwhile to invest in a high-quality coffee maker. However you like your coffee, you can make it at home for less than what you spend at the cafe.

One great machine is from Ninja. The Ninja Hot and Cold System makes your coffee however you like it and at any size, from a single mug of hot coffee to a travel mug of iced coffee to a fresh latte.

2. A High-Quality Vacuum Cleaner

A cheap vacuum cleaner may get you by, but chances are you are missing a lot of deep down dirt and dust. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner removes danger, dust, pet hair, and allergens from deep in your carpet, leaving your rooms fresher than you ever knew possible.

3. A Strategic Lamp

Lamps are an amazing way to brighten any space. A dim room is not ideal for productivity or overall wellbeing.

Lighting options can vary- if you want your lamp to make an impact, pick a bold statement lamp that can double as an art piece. If you are looking for low-key lighting solutions, pick something low-profile that can hide behind furniture. Pick something that works with the pieces and space you have.

4. An Electric Fireplace

There’s not much better than relaxing by a hot fire after a cold day. Electric fireplaces give you all the warmth without the hassle. If you have a smaller space, try out an RV electric fireplace.

5. A Great Bed

A mattress is a major investment, but getting a good-quality, comfortable mattress ensures you sleep well and are ready to go the next day. It is also important that your mattress adequately supports you while you sleep, as poor sleeping positions can cause chronic pain and health issues.

6. A Few Decorative Mirrors

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best tool. They not only add a decorative piece that suits any design style, they also reflect light and make smaller rooms appear larger.

7. Reusable Food Storage

The days of single-use household products are beginning to make an exit. Not only are single-use products bad for the environment, you are essentially throwing money away!

Reusable food storage keeps food fresh without the waste. Stasher Bags are an amazing plastic-free option that is dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe, so there is no hassle.

8. A Cozy Comforter

As something you will spend every night under, your comforter should be able to keep you warm and cozy day after day. A high-quality comforter will help you get to sleep and is well worth the investment.

9. A Wine Bottle Opener

This is the one home item everyone forgets to buy until it is time to uncork a bottle of wine. A good quality wine opener will ensure you are always able to uncork a bottle of wine with ease.

10. Sharp Knives

Knives are an investment- don’t cheap out! You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to knives. Sharp, high-quality knives will make everyday chopping and slicing so much easier and faster.

Stock Up on Your Household Essentials

There are thousands of products out there for your home, but there are only a few that are really worth the investment. Now that you know the top household essentials you need, stock up and upgrade your home today!

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