3 Impressive Reasons to Try Business Cards With Embossed Logos

Embossed prints have made somewhat of a comeback in recent years. We say “somewhat” because they never really went away. The incomparable touch and feel of embossed prints and their classic good looks have made them a constant favorite of those in the know. Even before this so-called comeback, embossing had been quite popular for some specific uses, such as business cards with embossed logos.

Here are three ‘pressing’ reasons you might want to try embossed business cards yourself.

Reason #1: They send a subtle yet powerful message – even before they’re read

Embossing creates a deceptively powerful that not only catches the eye but gives your business cards a superior textural dimension as well. The grooves and divots created by the embossing process allow your logo and other embossed elements to give the illusion of movement, depending on how the light hits your business card. This makes for a subdued yet interesting effect without resorting to cluttered visuals, cheesy ultra-high gloss coatings, or loud colors.

The last point is quite important for many brands for whom standard “eye-catching” elements may be too obtrusive or not in keeping with the persona of the brand. If your brand relies on classic styling or a minimalist aesthetic, using a business card with an embossed logo can be a way to make a more appealing business card without sacrificing the style and character needed by a brand.

The textures created by embossing your cards can also help your message in a different way. Studies show that we’re able to better retain knowledge if more of our senses are engaged, which may partly explain the enduring popularity of print media such as books over electronic equivalents.

Embossed cards have a much more prominent tactile feel compared to ordinary business cards thanks to the heavyweight of the card stock, the slightly rough and rich finish of the finish, and the bumps and divots caused by the embossing. Together, this can create a card that tells something wonderful about a brand even before someone has a chance to read it.

Reason #2: Business cards with embossed logos show you will go the extra mile

Let’s face it – going that extra mile is hard. It may take too much time and too much effort for what might be too little return. As a result, most businesses, unfortunately, take the easy way out. For some, it may become a habit which inevitably results in everything becoming compromised.

Your potential customers understand this at some level. They can sense a business that cuts corners the moment they come in contact with one. They can also tell when a business is not interested in delivering anything beyond their expectations simply by the effort taken to take care of a brand.

Printing business cards with logos takes more time at both the design and printing stage. The designer has to spend more time figuring out which details to emboss and how to make them work, and an experienced printer has to create special plates in order to create the final product. Regular business cards don’t simply take as much time, effort, or expertise make.

All the same, your customers will be able to tell that you took the time to do things right and take care of your brand. Embossed cards look very different from the thousands of everyday objects your customers will encounter in their day-to-day lives. Cards with embossed logos certainly will be very different from most of the business cards they will have had from other businesses, making it more likely they will remember your brand and respond it positively.

Reason #3 Embossing adds flexibility to your business card designs

Technically, you don’t even need to use any ink for an embossed detail. This allows you to make visual elements on your card as prominent or as subtle as you need them. The fact that you can add embossing independent of other visual details opens up design possibilities that simply wouldn’t be doable with regular business cards.

The embossing process can be used creatively to create raised as well as lowered artwork and lettering. This gives designers another way to make logos and letters more prominent without needing to use brighter colors or shinier finishes, which may not always work for many brands that need a subtle, classic vibe.

Embossed business cards are a favorite among many minimalist designers for those reasons, but they’re certainly not limited to those with a minimalist aesthetic. While embossing itself is a centuries-old way of breathing life into prints, it continues to find use in card designs that have trendy, modern sensibilities and aesthetics as well. With embossing, the possibilities are near limitless.