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3 Types of AA Tokens and What They Represent


Drinking problems affect 25% of Americans.

For some, alcoholism comes on suddenly. The disease is more insidious for others, as its tears things apart from the inside out. If you’re looking to live a life full of peace and serenity, then you owe it to yourself to check out what AA offers newcomers.

AA is an incredible sobriety program, and it’s completely free! They almost always have coffee to serve their members, and they’re all about celebrating sobriety milestones.

One of the top ways milestones is by giving members unique AA tokens. Read on to learn all about the different AA coins.

AA Tokens Meaning

The very first of the AA tokens is entirely white. It’s also one of the most essential chips along the sobriety journey.

The white chip symbolizes surrender. Surrender is a state of acceptance.

Many individuals coming into AA for the first time are confused when they hear about surrendering to addiction. After all, doesn’t surrender mean that you’re giving up? Not at all.

Instead, surrender is a way of accepting and admitting that you need help. You no longer have to use, and there’s a community of people in AA to support you.

The 30-Day Chip

One of the mottos you’ll hear in AA is to take things one day at a time. The slogan, “Just for today”, serves as a reminder that you’re on a long journey. For most, the longest part of the journey is in their early stages of recovery.

The 30-day chip is one of the most important milestones to receive. You’ll receive the 30 day AA token after remaining sober for 30 days.

Remaining sober means that you’ve abstained from all alcohol while also staying clean from any drugs. When long-time members of AA see newcomers get their 30-day chip, it sparks a feeling of inspiration. They’re reminded of everything they’ve overcome and how far they still have to go.

As newcomers receive the chip, they’re encouraged by the abundance of support and encouragement in the AA room. Everybody loves cheering on a newcomer!

AA Chips Go From Days to Years

Moving forward, the AA tokens will go in increments of 30. Next, there will be a 60-day chip, and after that, there will be a 90-day chip.

After AA members get the 90-day chip, the chips begin to go from days to months. If you lose a chip, don’t worry. You can purchase recovery chips online.

After the 90-day chip, the next mile marker is the 6-month chip, and then the one-year chip. Once a member has achieved their one-year chip, they’ll be on a yearly milestone path. Every year members will be able to collect a new chip AA token, along with AA Anniversary Medallions, celebrating their commitment to sobriety.

Growing With AA Sobriety Tokens

Are you ready to start collecting your AA tokens? When you’re willing to attend meetings, amazing things can happen in your life. It all starts with getting that first white chip of surrender.

Find an AA meeting near you today, and see what it’s all about. The meetings are entirely free, and you’ll find that you’re in a warm and welcoming environment. They almost always have coffee too!

We’ve got you covered if you need a few more tips first. Read another one of our blog posts.