4 Fashionable Ways to Keep Yourself Protected in Public

Fashion and protection don’t have to be separate things. You can protect yourself from a variety of threats without sacrificing your style. The two biggest threats people fear are physical attacks (with guns and knives) and electromagnetic radiation.

Here’s a list of several ways to combine fashion with protection in public to stay safe against a variety of potential threats.

1. Concealed carry clothing for your sidearm

If you have a CCW permit, there are clothes made specifically for concealed carry. These clothes are made for both men and women and feature built-in holsters, pockets, and webbing to make concealed carry easy and safe.

The advantage to CCW clothing is not having to deal with uncomfortable or awkward holsters underneath your clothing. When your clothing has a built-in holster, you can be comfortable, fashionable, and safe at the same time.

2. Fashionable soft armor for bullet-and-slash-resistant protection

If you feel the need to wear body armor out in public, your options are limited. While it’s generally legal in most states to walk around in full tactical gear, it will draw a lot of attention. If you wear clothing over your tactical gear, you’ll still stand out like a sore thumb.

The only other option is to wear soft body armor disguised as everyday clothing like shirts, jackets, and hoodies. While there are several brands on the market, Bulletproof Everyone seems to have the best reputation. In 2018, the company’s CEO, Dallas Jolley, shot himself on camera at close range with a 9mm to prove his product works.

There are other bulletproof clothing manufacturers that sell similar items, but most aren’t as practical and fashionable. Bulletproof Everyone provides two different options for protection: IIA and IIIA. While the IIA is more concealable and lighter, the IIIA provides more protection, up to .44 Magnum.

All armored items are also slash-resistant, which will protect you from knife attacks. Regardless of which level of protection you choose, the reviews for both are great.

3. Custom soft armor clothing for bullet-resistant protection

If you’re concerned about getting shot, but don’t like the options on the market, you can have a company or professional customize an existing piece of clothing to accommodate soft armor. It’s not always possible for every clothing item, but with most pieces it can be done.

The key to having your own soft armor made is making sure your panels slightly overlap when inserted. You also need to make sure you can zip up your garment on the inside to keep the panels in place.

4. Conductive silver clothing for protection against electromagnetic radiation

When you’re worried about being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation, there’s only one way to protect yourself: conductive clothing. At first, it sounds counterintuitive. Why would you want to conduct the frequencies toward your body? The truth is, as the fabric conducts the frequencies, it attenuates the frequencies at the same time. Attenuation drastically reduces the power of the frequencies and therefore reduces the impact it will have on your body.

Most people probably don’t need to give this a second thought, but more people are starting to experience headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms in public places. The air is blanketed with radiofrequency signals, Wi-Fi signals, and frequencies from cell towers.

If you’re feeling sluggish or like you have a headache and you think technology might be to blame, try wearing a conductive beanie from Lambs. The inner layer is made from 39% silver, which has been proven to attenuate 99% of all electromagnetic radiation.

If you’re highly sensitive, you’ll want the silver hoodie from No Choice. This hoodie zips all the way up the hood to protect your entire head. It also comes with a grounding cord, which will send all the frequencies straight to the ground in your house. The company produces short runs that sell out fast, so if you’re interested, just keep checking for when they restock.

Although conductive clothing is not a true faraday cage, it will provide extensive protection and relief for sensitive individuals. The only downside is that you can’t ground your clothing unless you’re stationary.

Fashion, comfort, and protection are not mutually exclusive

When you want to be protected out in public, you don’t need to sacrifice fashion for comfort or security. You just have to find the equipment and clothing that fits your needs, budget, and sense of fashion.