5 Easy Ways to Make Money Using Your Smartphone

Look around and you’ll see that most of the people in any room own a smartphone. Having the internet in our pockets allows for almost anything to be done using a cell phone. Even making money

If you’re looking to make quick money in the easiest way possible, there are things you can do to help you do just that. How much money you earn using these methods may vary, but you are guaranteed to get something out of them.

Consider trying the following and see just how much extra cash you can earn.

#1 – Giving Your Honest Feedback

Companies depend on real consumer opinions to further understand how their product is being received. Because of this, there are websites that you can sign up for that will pay you to do just that. Keep in mind that all opinion sites operate differently and what they pay you can vary. 

Some sites will ship out sample products of what they want you to review, while some sites have you answer a simple survey online based on household products you might already own. 

When it’s time to get paid through these survey sites, you’re often given the option of receiving your pay in the form of gift cards, site rewards, Visa prepaid cards, and sometimes even via PayPal, which you can just cash out later.

#2 – Driving Across Town

You’re probably already familiar with popular rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber, but most people don’t understand how easy it is to earn money through those apps.

You first need to get your car approved by one of these companies, but that’s the hardest part. After that, you’re free to offer people rides through the app. Don’t have a car? No worries! Lyft now offers car rentals for those who want to make money but don’t own a car.

Many people enjoy doing this when they’re heading across the city. If you’re already driving the distance, why not pick people along the way and make a few bucks?

#3 – Emptying Out Your Closet 

We’re all guilty of holding onto items that don’t belong in our closet anymore. There are always those shirts you haven’t worn in years but still hold onto, hoping one day they’ll see the light of day. Chances are if you haven’t worn an item for more than a few months, it’s time to let it go.

Use this opportunity to not only clean up your closet but to also make more money than you think. 

You can find different apps to sell clothes, shoes, handbags, and many other items. You simply take a photo of your item, set a price, and write up a quick description of any possible defects it may hold. 

Once someone purchases your item, all you do is print off a shipping label and send it off! Within a few days, you should receive your payment directly to your bank account through PayPal or another money transfer provider.

#4 – Watching Your Favorite Sports

While betting apps are the most fun you can have while also making money, this requires a lot of skill and patience. 

Before stepping into a bet, understand that while you are not guaranteed to make money, it does have the potential to make you money… and a lot of it at that. 

Next time you watch your favorite game on TV, download a betting app and observe how the odds are looking. You’re never obligated to wager more money than you’re comfortable with, but if you have the extra cash, this is definitely worth trying.

It’s super easy to do but you should consider checking out different betting strategies first before diving in headfirst.

#5 – Testing Out Apps

With more companies offering apps to conveniently obtain their services, these apps need to be tested by someone to ensure that they’re working properly. While this is traditionally the job of the app developer, they tend to often overlook flaws since they’ve spent so much time designing the app themselves.

This is great for both companies and the tester since both sides are receiving something at the end. Companies learn what improvements they need to make and the tester receives cash for trying the app

The way you test the apps can vary depending on what the app does. Some user testing apps might have you toggle around with the menu to ensure the dropdowns are working, some may have you place things into your mobile shopping cart, while some may even pay you for simply looking around the app and giving your honest opinion of how you felt overall.


Given the examples provided above, know that there are many other ways to earn money through your phone that were not mentioned here.

With any skills you might have, look around for an app that will pay you for doing that. While some of them won’t go as far as earning you loads of money allowing you to quit your day job, there are definitely ways to earn a few bucks during your free time. 

Check it out for yourself! Download some of the apps that were listed above and see just how much money you can earn!