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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Learning How to Belly Dance

Belly dancing can be traced all the way back to 356 B.C., and people are still enjoying all of the benefits today. 

But what are the benefits of learning how to belly dance? Will belly dancing improve your health?

The answer is yes! Keep reading for a list of all the benefits of belly dancing. 

1. Improve Posture

After taking a few belly dancing classes, you might notice that you have better posture. You’ll be using many movements that are similar to yoga and pilates, which work your pelvis, knees, and spine. 

After working these out, you’ll likely have better posture since this type of dancing works with your body rather than working against it. 

2. Builds Strength

When you start to learn belly dance techniques, you may not be as strong as you would like to be. However, it’s a great physical activity that uses your body weight to make you stronger.

You’ll have to exercise your core muscles, but other dance moves will make sure that your muscle groups are isolated and controlled, which strengthens them. 

You’ll be working on your core, glutes, obliques, and thighs. However, your arms will also get a decent workout.

3. Prepare for Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or are planning to be, the belly dancing movements are a great prenatal exercise. They strengthen all the muscles that you’ll use when giving birth. 

When you do natural hip tucks, you’ll be doing something similar to a movement taught during prenatal classes. 

This is even better for women who want to have natural childbirth because it focuses on how to control their muscles. This will also ensure that you have a strong abdominal to help you heal from the birthing process too.

4. Boosts Self Esteem

If you’re feeling self-conscious, belly dancing can help with that. The movements are so feminine and artistic, which can give you a great chance to express your sexuality. 

Sensuality is a very important part of belly dancing, and you can explore this through soft body rolls and movements. This will let you free physical and emotional tension regarding sexuality and allow you to be your true self. 

5. Reduces Stress

Belly dancing will help bring you into a meditative and calm state, especially at the end of the session. This is due to the endorphins that your body releases from the movement, making you feel happy and less anxious or depressed.

This can help you reduce stress after a long day and leave you calmer and happier. When this happens, your overall health will start to improve as well.

Discover More Benefits of Learning How to Belly Dance

These are only a few benefits of learning how to belly dance, but there are many more benefits from belly dancing. 

While all of these benefits for belly dancing are great, other exercises will improve your life as well.

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