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7 Personalized Desk Accessories Everyone Should Have

Whether you work in a corporate office or from the comfort of your home, your workspace can be dull. Though you want to keep your desk clean and organized, having no personal effects on your desk can be dreary.

Personalized desk accessories can help transform your desk into a space that allows you to stay motivated and get work done while showing off your personality.

If you’re not sure how to make your office or workspace more comfortable, be sure to keep reading for some of the best desk supplies that aren’t only functional, but also add a decorative touch!

1. A Nameplate

Whether you work at a cubical or your own desk, investing in a personalized nameplate for your workspace is essential.

A nameplate is just what it sounds like; they’re long, thin pieces of material with your name and title engraved or printed on the surface. They sit on your desk so people can easily identify and locate you.

Not only does this help deter files and other crucial documents from being placed on the wrong desk, thanks to the identifiers, but it also gives you a sense of ownership over your workspace. 

While traditionally, these are made from wood or metal materials, you can find fun options made from resin to add a more personal touch to your desk. 

2. Picture-Perfect Mouse Pad

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use a computer mouse, only to find that it continues to skip and doesn’t travel seamlessly across your monitor. This makes it difficult to get work done. 

Instead of suffering through another workday with a choppy mouse, you can invest in a mousepad! These are great ways to showcase your favorite photo or artwork.

Not only can you personalize the photo printed on the pad, but you can also opt to find an option with wrist support. These ergonomic options help alleviate the pain associated with sitting at a desk and clicking for hours at a time.

3. Creative Desk Organizers

If your desk is constantly cluttered, you always lose your pens, and you can never seem to locate your phone charger, finding an organizer for your desk can help ensure all of your belongings are where they need to be.

While there are an array of desk organizers available, you can find options that hold photos. Though the pictures may be small, they’re often arranged in a collage. 

However, you can also get organizers with quotes engraved on them to help keep you motivated or inspired while working. These desktop organizers hold writing utensils, envelopes, paperclips, and other often-reached for items. 

4. Custom Stationery

Do you want your letters to stand out amongst the crowd? Investing in customized stationery to keep at your workspace is not only a great way to keep your papers organized in your desk drawers, but it also gives you an edge!

When you use custom stationery, it often comes with an organizer, allowing you to easily store and access what you need, when you need it.

Investing in stationery not only looks great, but also adds a personalized and warm touch to any letters or notes you may share. Similarly, when you need to jot down notes or write do do lists, you’ll have fun paper to spice it up.

Finally, custom stationery can help grab the attention of your customers. They’ll appreciate the little details!

5. Show Off With Shelves

If you want to go purely decorative when it comes to personalizing your workspace, you can add shelves. 

Not only can shelving serve as storage since you can use shelf brackets to ensure they’re secured to your wall, but you can also add personal pictures, knick-knacks, and objects to your shelves that can make your space warmer. 

It’s essential to check with your office before installing any shelving. It may be best to save wall shelves as home office accessories while using a small bookcase or desk riser may be best for corporate workplaces.  

6. Engraved Tech Holders

One of the most functional ways to add a fun, personalized touch to your desk is with engraved technology holders. 

Not only are these functional since they allow you a safe space to prop up your phone for video calls, but they’re also a great way to stay focused on work, as opposed to scrolling through your socials. 

You can also get a stand to place your laptop on to help you avoid holding your neck at a painful angle all-day.

Opting to have your phone or laptop holder engraved adds a sleek, modern, and personalized touch to your belongings! Whether you choose to have a nice message engraved or simply your name, it adds a warm feeling to your desk.

7. Custom Calendar

Finally, one of the best ways to add sentimentality, humor, or beauty to your workspace is with a custom calendar. Whether you choose photos of your kids, pets, or last vacation, this is a great way to personalize your desk.

Aside from the obvious functionality of a calendar keeping your important dates and deadlines organized, the photos you select can add fun energy to your workspace. 

Whether you opt for a traditional wall calendar, mini desk calendar, or large, flat desk pad, you can add whatever pictures you want. Just remember to keep it work-appropriate, since they’re office accessories! 

Get Personalized Desk Accessories to Transform Your Workspace

If you dread going to your same old boring desk every day, it’s time to add a little personality and fun to your workspace. You’ll be surprised by how beneficial to your mood these items can be.

While some may argue that having too many personal items on your desk will end up distracting you, finding functional and decorative items is crucial to staying inspired while working!

If you’re ready to transform your workspace with these personalized desk accessories, be sure to check out other posts on our website. There, you’ll find more lifestyle and organizational guides.