A Tech Checklist for Your Exciting Spring Vacation

While everyone else is bogged down by the fact that they’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic during their morning commute, you’re walking on air. You can’t be sad, because you have an amazing vacation coming up. All that’s left for you to do is pack.

If you’re getting ready for your exciting spring retreat, follow this tech checklist. As a helpful reminder for vacation must-haves, it’ll make sure that you have everything you need to enjoy your time away from the daily grind!

  • Your phone

It may seem obvious, but stranger things have happened than leaving behind a phone before a big trip. Our phones are much more than a way to keep in touch with the folks back home. With the right app, it can be your personal assistant, itinerary organizer, ticket holder and camera. Arriving at your destination could mean you can’t contact your Airbnb host or take an envy-inducing selfie on the beach.

Set a reminder to make sure you don’t leave home without your phone. Try taping a note to the door, so it’s the last thing you see before you head off.

  • Skins

When your phone doubles as an important travel tool, you need to make sure it will survive the trip — there and back again. This may be a challenge when you consider how hard traveling can be on your electronics, as it tags along to every adventure.

A texturized decal protects your phone from scratches, grime, and even drops with its grip-enhancing designs. Options like black matrix or black marble look ready to jet-set, and they’ll stand up to the worst travel can throw at it. You can see what dbrand has to offer for your smartphone’s model — they have options for iPhones, Pixels, Samsung Galaxies, Huaweis and more.

Design and strength aren’t the only concerns when you’re shopping for a smartphone skin. You want to make sure that your devices will love the skins, too. Options cut from genuine 3M vinyl leave a minimal footprint, instead of the tacky and stubborn residue that comes from adhesives. If you ever need to remove the skin from your phone, it will come away clean without any hassle.

  • Chargers and battery packs

It doesn’t matter how many hours of battery you get out of your phone — when you’re on vacation, it’s never enough. Between following online navigation, snapping pics, and checking in on your tickets and passes, you’ll burn through battery faster than you realize. If you expect your gear to keep up with your grueling schedule, you need to make sure that you pack all of the chargers you need.

You may also want to invest in a portable battery pack in case you start skirting sub 14 percent battery when you aren’t near an outlet.

  • A universal plug

If you’re going overseas, remember to check if you need a plug adapter. A universal plug like the Epicka Universal Travel Adapter will have you covered, no matter where your travels take you.

  • Noise-canceling headphones

Whether your travel plans include a plane, train, or automobile, there are going to be parts of your trip that you’d rather skip. A long plane ride when your seatmate is a screaming baby. A bumpy bus ride when your spot is near the vehicle’s engine. A scenic train through the mountains when the car is filled with unruly teenagers.

A set of noise-canceling headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM2 will help you put these annoyances in the background. It blocks the ambient noises that you don’t want to hear, like rumbling engines or screeching babies. Its Quick Attention mode lets you remove the noise cancellation without removing your headphones in case you want to eavesdrop on juicy conversations.

Your much-needed vacation is so close that you can taste it. You’re just itching to head to the airport and hop on that plane to a gorgeous getaway. But before you run off to your flight with a suitcase full of swimsuits and sunscreen, doublecheck this list to make sure you don’t forget all of your important tech. Don’t put a damper on your trip by leaving something crucial behind.