Ceramic Coating for Cars: The Complete Guide

So many of us believe that the way our vehicles look is as important as the way that they perform. As such, it’s common to take exceptional care with a vehicle, and waxing and polishing are typically two key aspects of any car maintenance process. However, there’s one product that shines above all others as far as car aesthetics are concerned – ceramic coating. If you’ve not yet come across it, here’s everything you need to know about why ceramic coating should be your next investment.

What is a ceramic coating for cars?

Ceramic coating is a form of liquid silicon dioxide that provides outstanding protection to your car’s paint job, protecting it from abrasions, dirt, liquid damage, and stains. As a form of smart surface science, ceramic coating is helpful when it comes to protecting the bodywork of a vehicle, making it an integral part of any car maintenance routine. Once applied, the ceramic coating forms a chemical bond with the clear coat, resulting in a hard shell that is extremely chemically resistant and durable. 

Some ceramic coating are DIY, while others need to be applied by professionals. Either way, it’s a super effective way of adding extra gloss and protection to your car’s bodywork, ensuring that you can be proud of your ride throughout the year. But other than appearance, what are some of the benefits of applying a ceramic coating to your car? 

The benefits of ceramic coating 

When compared to traditional wax, a ceramic coating is extremely advantageous. First and foremost, it provides outstanding protection and ease of maintenance. This is because ceramic coating offers protection against swirl marks from washing, chemicals, and UV damage. This makes it highly durable and resistant, much more so than standard wax that you can buy from a local parts store. The shield that a ceramic coating bonds with your car is essentially its primary benefit, providing the ultimate protection. 

Another benefit of a ceramic coating is that it provides high-grade hydrophobic protection. In other words, water and dirt easily rolls off it quickly, preventing water spots and streaks that are commonly seen on most vehicles. Ceramic coatings are water resistant while offering additional protection against the likes of mud and grease, which often accumulate on the surface of your vehicle. The application of a ceramic coating means that you don’t need to worry about washing your vehicle as frequently, which saves you time and hassle when it comes to your car maintenance

The best ceramic coating for your vehicle 

As an industry leader in smart surface science, Gtechniq’s ceramic coatings are perfect for maintaining your vehicle. They have multiple coatings available, some of which require a professional application, while others offer a DIY solution. Given the range of benefits associated with a ceramic coating and the fact that it offers outstanding protection for your vehicle, it’s something that is undoubtedly worth investing in this year.