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EMF Levels and Your Health: What You Need to Know

Did you know that all populations are exposed to varying degrees of EMF?

There’s no shortage of anxiety about dangerous electromagnetic radiation, but it wasn’t until recently that fears about it made their way out of science fiction. 

The sun’s rays are a form of electromagnetic radiation, but that’s not the type of electromagnetic field (EMF) we should be worried about. We’re going to talk about EMF danger levels today, exploring what levels of EMF are dangerous to humans. 

We hope the ideas below can make a difference in your day-to-day life and give you some ideas for protection. Let’s get started! 

What Levels of EMF Are Dangerous?

The first thing to recognize is that all life on earth is exposed to some level of EMF. Not just at this time, but that’s been the case for the entirety of earth’s existence. 

There’s EMF coming from the earth as well as a small amount of radiation that comes down from the sun. If an organism was particularly close to a lightning strike, that being might have gotten an extra dose. 

The point is that a little bit of EMF is natural and harmless to us. Spend too much time in direct sunlight, though, and you’re increasing your risk of cancer. 

The real issue is the man-made stuff. Lights and everything else connected to the power grid contribute to the planet’s EMF levels being orders of magnitude higher than it was before we harnessed electricity. 

As a result, we’re bashed with electromagnetic radiation all of the time. That exposure has adverse consequences. 

Ionizing Radiation

The danger of radiation is something called “ionization.” That’s an exchange between EMFs and our cells, removing electrons from our bodies and contributing to gene mutations. 

You’re not going to grow a tail, but you might start to develop cancerous cells. This happens when people encounter high-frequency radiation (x-rays, gamma rays, high-frequency UV rays) on a regular basis. 

Microscopic amounts of damage occur right away, but those effects build if you’re subjected to a lot of radiation over the course of your life. 

So, How Much Is Too Much?

The unfortunate truth is that our bodies respond negatively to all EMF levels. We’re resilient, though, and we can brush a lot of that exposure off of our sleeves. Individuals who have immune deficiencies or diseases might have weaker defenses against radiation, thereby making them more susceptible to long-term cell damage. 

There’s hardly a way to quantify how much EMF you’re experiencing on a daily basis, so your best bet is to have an EMF survey done at the places you frequent the most. If you’re sure your place of work and home are safe and you limit your exposure to high-frequency waves, you can be confident that you’re safe. 

Want to Learn More About Staying Safe?

Hopefully, our look at what levels of EMF are dangerous was useful to you. There’s more to learn about protecting yourself and staying safe, though. We’re here to offer more information. 

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