Experiencing Colorado to the max!

Colorado, also known as the Centennial State, is a wonder of rocky mountains, beautiful lakes and relaxing towns. It’s capital city is Denver which is an extremely old city dating all the way back to the wild west era with a great amount of history to see. Visiting Colorado for a vacation cators for all different types of people with a plethora of landmarks to visit, history to see, activities to partake in or tranquil spots to chill. Not only does Colorado have excellent activities and locations, it also has luxury Colorado homes to rent in order to enjoy your vacation to absolute maximum. Take a look at just some great places you can visit in Colorado:


As mentioned above, Denver is the capital city of Colorado and it is buzzing and full of life. If your idea of a great holiday is to experience a the city rather than the sticks, where you can experience a fantastic zoo, the Denver botanical gardens and the Denver art museum then Denver is certainly for you. Surrounded by beautiful mountains which you can often see from the street makes for a visit that you will not forget in a hurry. Denver is over one thousand feet above sea level, so be sure to get preparing for the thinner air if you are planning to travel there.


If you are a skiing or snowboarding fanatic then Aspen is a must visit at the right time of year. Home to many great slopes, which if you are experienced you can take on right away but if not there are lessons available which accommodate people of all skill levels. Aspen is not just great for these outdoor activities, but tons of others such as snowmobiling, hiking and climbing so don’t limit yourself to one activity! The resort is full of high end, fancy restaurants and stores, so if you are looking for high class sophistication, visit Aspen!

Glenwood Springs

Located in Garfield County is Glenwood springs, home to some of the best hot springs in the whole world. Hot springs are like natural hot tubs that are only found in unique places around the world including in Glenwood Springs. The springs are extremely romantic, so if you are looking to impress your other half then bringing her to visit this beautiful part of Colorado could be just what your relationship needs. Also available for recreation in Glenwood Springs is skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and fishing so there is plenty more to do once you have had enough of the springs for the day.


The town of Dillon is a small town with a population of just under 1000 people. If you are looking for a quiet vacation in which you can forget your work worries and sink into a state of relaxation, then Dillon is great for you. Lake Dillon is in the vicinity meaning you can choose to relax and take it easy by renting yourself a boat or if you are feeling adventurous, take on some watersport activities and learn something new. Located in Dillon is also an amphitheatre, if you have a passion for live music and concerts then experiencing the amphitheatre would add perfection to your vacation.

Colorado National Monument

If you are looking for adventure and amazing views then heading to the Colorado National Monument will be perfect for you. With the ability to take trails of different abilities, depending on the capabilities of the party you are traveling with, can take you to some incredible viewpoints overlooking some of the deepest and most beautiful cañons in the world. Some of the views, if you visit here for your vacations, are guaranteed stay with you for your whole life, they are unforgettable.

Dinosaur National Monument

If you´ve always been interested in dinosaurs and fossils, or have kids who are, then what better place to take them to visit than the Dinosaur National Monument. Imagine walking around on a place with concrete evidence that the dinosaurs also walked around in the same spot as you are! It has over 900 paleontology sites along with dinosaur fossils to check out.

White River National Forest

If you are a keen hunter then this location might just be for you. Many people head off to the White River National Forest to hunt during the season. If you are not much of a keen hunter the place is also a beautiful place to take in the scenery while hiking or mountain biking. White River National Forest is also a great skiing and snowboarding location where you can actually catch some pretty gnarly slopes.

Grand Junction

Are you a wine lover? Then Grand junction is the perfect place for your. Home of many wineries to visit that have all sorts of wine to taste and buy, the place will feels like heaven. Like most of the locations mentioned so far in Colorado, wine tasting is not the only thing on the menu. When vacationing, it´s very common to mix things up, so in Grand Junction you will find a great deal of classy bars, restaurants and stores to indulge in, and in terms of activities, biking, hiking, camping and more.

The above are just some of the places that you can visit for vacations in Colorado, there are hundreds of others but as you can see Colorado has an array of activities and sceneries to suit almost any kind of vacation that you want, it´s diversity is second to none!