Louisiana’s Incredible Hidden Gems Few People Know About

Whenever talking about Louisiana it seems that most people just know about the wonderful Mississippi boats, the French Quarter and the world-renowned jazz scene. Whether you come to Louisiana through Capital Resorts Group or you plan the trip alone, you need to know that some of the best places to visit are those that are not that well-known. If you want to take some stunning pictures or have incredible stories to tell your friends, do seriously consider the following Louisiana hidden gems:

Oak Alley

If you know the history of Louisiana you will not be surprised to picture a place where there are ancient oaks that take you all the way towards a big house that was a part of a plantation. Oak Alley is simply an architectural and natural splendor at the same time. There is the possibility to stay overnight at one of the cottages and you get in-room meals with Cajun cuisine. The only problem is that you cannot take photographs with a drone.

Nottoway Plantation

Speaking about plantations and history, this is the largest of the remaining South antebellum mansions, covering an impressive 53,000 square feet. Obviously, this place is huge so do expect a breathtaking experience featuring grounds that are immaculately maintained. Just as with the other option presented above, you can stay overnight and actually experience what the big shots of the nineteenth century did.

Chauvin Sculpture Garden

At the start of 1990, Kenny Hill, a bricklayer, started work with the desire to turn his bayou grounds in a huge outsider art display. This led to many sculptures to appear, with the centerpiece being a huge 45 feet high lighthouse that is covered with various figures like angels, soldiers, God and the artist. This sculpture alone is enough to warrant a visit.

American Rose Society Gardens

If you love flowers and you do not go to the less-known Caddo Parish, you miss out a lot. The renowned American Rose Society is much more than just roses. The gardens here cover 118 acres and all is florid beauty. Just as the name implies, here you can find the largest US garden that is solely dedicated to majestic roses. There are currently over 20,000 rose bushes and 65 individual gardens that can be seen on-site. You surely never saw as many roses in one place in your entire life.

Grand Isle

Grand Isle is basically a little town that is really cozy and close to the beautiful coastline of South Louisiana. It is a perfect getaway spot for all interested in lepidoptery, fishing and birding. This is the only barrier island in the state that is inhabited and that has been so ever since 1781. Once there you can see the butterfly mound, birding trails, numerous fishing spots, incredible Gulf Of Mexico views and even wide-open beaches.

Keep in mind that the destinations we talked about are just a small portion of the numerous gems that Louisiana has to offer tourists. It is a shame to just go for the popular spots when there is so much natural beauty available all throughout the state.