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Men’s Hiking Boots That You Can Wear Everyday

There are a lot of ways you can be flexible with your daily footwear, even if you need to keep things professional. One of the options many men exercise is the adoption of a sleek, low profile hiking boot that looks right in an office setting while providing the kind of support you expect when you’re climbing hills. It might seem like a funny choice when you’ve already got a wide range of casual shoe styles to choose from, but when you stop to think about it, hiking boots make a lot of sense as a work shoe.

Support for All Day Exertion

Good hiking boots are designed to keep your feet comfortable when you’re hard at work all day on the trail. That means they need to provide superior support and protection, good traction, and acceptable temperature control. Those are also great traits for a work shoe, especially if your job has you on your feet all day. Even if you sit for a lot of your work, why not make walking easier? The key is finding the boot that works with your workplace.

Keep an Eye on the Professional Profile

The key to pulling off a hiking boot at work is picking one that fits in. For most high activity jobs where work boots are expected, a hard toe and a color choice like beige, black, or dark brown will look right at home, even if you’re not technically wearing a work boot. The ankle and heel support are comparable, and hiking boots tend to let your feet breathe a little more than work boots, so a lot of guys like them.

For office jobs, a low boot is a great choice, and color choices that blend in with loafers and other business casual styles can’t go wrong. You can still pick something with great ankle support, just opt for the low-rise version instead of a boot that provides coverage partway up the calf.

Boots for a Casual Night Out

Men’s boots are incredibly flexible, and it helps that a lot of the fast fashion from the last 15 years has been based on hip hop styles, which favor a rugged but stylish boot. You can’t go wrong with anything made by Timberland if you are looking for a boot to wear to the club. For more formal settings, follow the same rules you adopt in the workplace. Pick colors that suit the occasion like black or brown, avoid materials like canvas that could be mistaken for sneakers, and look for something in a low rise that still has the ankle support you want.

Finding the Best Deal on Your New Boots

Top brands can cost a premium if you go to mainstream retail hotspots like the local mall, but you can find¬†discount shoes¬†from all those same brands at a fraction of the price if you know where to look and when to shop. Buying mens shoes online is a great option when you need to be budget conscious, especially if you keep an eye on sales. Online retailers often streamline operations to pass savings on to their customers, it’s how they compete. When you add the discounts you see on closeout selections to those everyday savings, your best buy is often found online.