Need a Better Work from Home Experience?

When you work from home, you want the experience each time out to be as productive as possible.

Whether running a business from home or you work for someone, a sound work scene can lead to success for you.

With that in mind, are there steps you should take to get more production done at home in earning a paycheck?

Do You Have the Right Home Setting?

According to, nearly 80 percent of Americans remotely working do it from home. Meantime, nine percent do it from an office setting and seven percent out of a co-working space.

In looking at how to be the most productive when working from home, here are some things for your checklist:

  1. Your home setup – Are you confident you have the best possible setup at home to work from? In the event you don’t, it can end up making you less productive. Take some time to review your home office area to see if in fact any improvements need to be made. It can be things such as having more space to get work done. You may have issues with clutter that make it difficult to be productive on a daily basis. In the event you have young children at home, do you get distracted by them all too often? Have things in place so you can be productive and feel good about working out of your home.
  2. Having right equipment – A big part of success of working at home is being sure you have all the needed equipment. That said check to see if anything of note may be missing. This means things such as the web, a reliable computer, cell phone, filing, supplies and more. Things like a dependable work from home headset can’t be overlooed either. Such a headset makes it much easier to communicate with clients on a daily basis. From calls with clients to video conferencing and more, a headset needs to deliver top sound. It also must provide you with a comfortable fit for hours of work each day. With the right equipment in place, there is no reason for you not to be productive.
  3. Setting a schedule – When you work from home, you tend to have a little more flexibility with your schedule. That said you still want to have a schedule that allows for maximum productivity. So, review the schedule to see if it meets your working needs. Unless being monitored by an employer or have set hours available, have flexibility. Heck, you may even want to squeeze in a power nap or two during the day.
  4. Know your limits – Last, be sure to treat a job from home the same as you would in an office, warehouse, out in the field and so on. You can’t be on call 24/7. As such, know when the workday is over and the focus then turns to your personal time. Not doing so can have physical and emotional impacts on you over time. Make sure you set aside time for you.

When reviewing your working from home, are you happy with setup and production?

If not, now would be the time to work on some changes.