Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – Where an Online Rep is Won and Lost

Whether your business operates online, on the high street or in the middle of nowhere, a strong online reputation is absolutely essential in the modern world. It is for this reason why so many companies across different industries and sectors utilize the services of reputation management companies, and looking at reputation management consultant reviews, it is clear that they do a stellar job in preserving and improving a positive online reputation for their clients. Whether you use such a service or not, it is essential that you have an understanding of where and how your reputation online can be won or lost. 


Since businesses have existed word of mouth has been one of the most successful marketing tools which gives people recommendations about your business. In the digital world word of mouth is still important and these days that word can travel further and faster than ever before. Review websites are an essential part of how people find businesses, products and services which they are looking for, and they are used heavily in the decision making process before a customer uses a particular business. This is why it is so important that you are on the front foot in terms of what is being said about your business online, if those reviews are negative then this is going to harm your business. 


In the last 2 years alone we have seen record numbers of customers using organic search to find out about companies and products. This is another area where your business can earn or lose its reputation online and the content which has been written about your business will have a huge bearing on this. If you type in the name of your company into Google for example, the world’s largest search engine, what kind of content do you find? If there are scathing reviews from magazines or bloggers which appear on the first page then this is exactly what the consumer is going to see when they search your business, and make no mistake that this will damage your ability to bring in new customers to the business. 

Social Media

In terms of building a reputation social media can be an amazing tool and because of the volume of users and the speed by which content is shared, you can really create a name for your business in a matter of hours. Unfortunately however, this works both ways and social media also has the power tarnish your company’s reputation in a matter of minutes. Let’s say that you have a rogue member of staff who is caught on video using rude language to a customer, that will circulate social media like wild fire and the only lasting memory will be a negative mar on your company’s reputation. Social media is more powerful than many realize and it can make or break your company’s reputation. 

These are the key areas where your online rep is won and lost.