S R Buzzi and how to entertain the children with science at home

S R Buzzi fully recommends entertaining your child whilst they are learning as they go and here are some fun experiments to carry out at home. Kids love messing about with things and generally making a mess and learning as they go.

Why not let them try the following:

  1. Grow a rock candy in a jar and let them learn about crystallization
  2. Drop pop rocks into soda and then attached a balloon to watch it inflate
  3. Make some homemade slime there are many internet recipes for this one
  4. Plant a bean in a clear beaker and watch it grow, you will see the roots take shape, its quite fascinating this one
  5. Blow bubbles outside in the sub-zero temperatures and see them immediately freeze
  6. Make invisible ink again see some of the internet recipes for this
  7. Set up some bottles with varying amounts of liquid and play them like instrument
  8. Mix a certain brand of diet soda and Mints and stand back to watch the explosion. You really do need to take cover for this one
  9. Fill a plastic bottle full to the top with water and put in the freezer, return to see the cracked bottle and explain expansion to them
  10. Build a parachute for a cuddly toy or several, they could also be decorated with the toy or child’s name
  11. See whose hair goes the wildest when rubbing it with balloons and take pictures
  12. Try to combine oil and water in a clear tumbler
  13. Explore foods for example the amount of fat in them by wiping them onto brown paper
  14. Mix baking soda, vinegar, and glitter and enjoy the sparkly volcano take shape
  15. Use food colors and water to test primary and secondary colors and make some
  16. Polish coins with lemon juice or special brand soda *you know the one I mean*
  17. One child drops a ruler and the other has to catch it, who will do it first
  18. Cut ice using fishing wire
  19. Make your own lava lamp by pouring vegetable oil into water then putting salt on it
  20. Work out where your blind spot is by moving a card with a speck on it until you can no longer see the spot.
  21. Make a rainbow by holding a glass of water up to the sunlight with a sheet of paper behind it to catch all of the different the colors.
  22. Build a windmill using objects, lots of examples on the internet and watch it spin faster or slower based on which way the blades are facing and the wind
  23. Get straws and cut them into a pointed end and blow, you will all be going quackers with your duck calls
  24. Build a rocket balloon car using a Styrofoam tray, a balloon, and a straw; watch how air pressure moves it across the table.