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Six Ways to Have Family Fun and Social Distance from BCFS System

Nonprofit organization BCFS System works closely with families to provide them with educational and medical care. The organization offers a range of services that are helping families cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the core dilemmas facing parents is how they can engage in fun yet socially distanced activities with their family members. The organization offers six engaging and safe activity ideas for parents and kids:

  1. Take a Neighborhood Stroll

Walking through the neighborhood is one of the simplest yet most satisfying socially distanced activities. Families that are cooped up together will enjoy getting out of the house, seeing some neighbors from afar, and enjoying nature. BCFS System suggests families take unfamiliar routes on some walks to add some variety.

  1. Grab a Racquet

Tennis and other non-contact sports exploded in popularity during the pandemic. Tennis is a wonderful sport for social distancing, and it burns a lot of calories, so parents and kids can relieve some pent-up stress.

  1. Gaze at the Stars

Families with backyards who live in areas with limited light pollution can setup stargazing evenings. With a telescope and some astronomy guides which can both be purchased for under $100; parents can wow their kids with the majesty of the stars.

  1. Improve the Home

Many homeowners remodeled their homes or performed other large-scale renovations during quarantine. Parents can tackle smaller projects together, such as painting a room or hallway, replacing traditional lights with LEDs, or power washing a patio.

  1. Build a Backyard Cinema

Another enjoyable backyard experience is a night out at the movies. Parents can replicate the movies at home with a projector, screen, and some Bluetooth speakers. For snacks they can make popcorn placed in disposable bowls to prevent any shared snacking.

  1. Go on a GPS Treasure Hunt

Geocaching, a fun type of scavenger hunt popular around 2010, saw a spike in interest during quarantine. Using free apps, parents can see what fun “treasures” are in their area and can then hunt down those locations with their kids. Geocaching enthusiasts should remember the golden rule, which is to replace all found treasures with items of equal or lesser value.