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Some Quick Tips for Looking Young

Humans have been searching for the mythical Fountain of Youth since at least 323 BC. That’s when Alexander the Great set out to conquer the world, ostensibly in search of a river whose waters could turn back the hands of time. It makes you wonder what he, or fellow seeker Ponce de Leon, would think of modern-day therapies like facelifts, fillers, and stem cell therapy!

Along with cosmetic procedures like these, looking young can be a matter of living right — and making some smart choices. Read on for our best-ever tips for how to fight the ravages of age.

1. Eat Right for That Youthful Appearance

Those deep-fried chicken wings and decadent chocolate cakes taste delicious. But they’re not doing your skin or your overall health any favors. Staying younger-looking starts at the supermarket with these nutrition-rich choices.

Eat lots of olive oil, salmon, and avocado for healthy fats. Stick to whole grains and lean meats so that you don’t experience inflammation. Whatever you do, steer clear of fast food and processed snacks; eating junk will age you fast!

2. Treat Your Skin With Kid Gloves

One of the surest ways to look older than you actually are is to neglect your skin. Chances are you’ve seen women with wrinkled, sun-damaged, leathery-looking faces or decollétage that prove this point.

You don’t need expensive moisturizers or toners to maintain a healthy, beautiful complexion. Warm water, natural ingredients, and a gentle hand will serve your skin well in the long run. When you start to see signs of aging, consider a preventative treatment like Botox from

Otherwise, go easy on your epidermis — it’s the only one you’ve got!

3. Exercise. No, Really.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard it all before. Aerobic exercise, 30 minutes three times a week, yadda yadda yadda. But we’re here to gently remind you that exercise is an anti-aging cliche for a reason: it works.

One of the secrets to staying active and getting those cardio benefits easily is to find something you love to do. It doesn’t have to be the treadmill or the track. Try dancing, rollerskating, biking, or even bungee fitness or pole dancing!

4. Take Off Your Makeup

If we were on Facebook or Insta right now, we’d be putting those clapping hands emoji between each and every word: Take. Off. Your. Make. Up. (Yeah, we know “makeup” is one word.)

Your nighttime cleansing routine is not just about removing foundation and mascara, though. It will also make sure that environmental pollution, toxins, and free radicals — all of which will wreak havoc with your collagen — don’t stick with you through the night. Need we say more?

5. Looking Young Is a State of Mind

Forgive the corny sentiment, but it’s true. A woman whose face and body language radiate happiness, self-confidence, and joie de vivre is always going to look radiant and therefore young. That’s not necessarily the case with a woman whose life is consumed by lotions, potions, and fears about turning 40.

Aging Gracefully Starts With a Younger Appearance

Follow these tips for looking young, and someday — a long time from now — you will age so gracefully that everyone will be amazed! It’s actually not that hard. Just take care of your body and your skin, and they will take care of you.

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