How to use a people search by checkpeople to piece together your worldwide family tree

Digital may have hit us with a bang over the last few years – but that doesn’t mean to say that the days of family trees are over. Sure, they are regarded as quite traditional, but if anything family trees have come even more into their own. After all, computers and specifically the internet, have helped people immensely find their long, lost relatives.

However, there’s no doubt that the task becomes much harder once this search is cast outside your country of origin. In other words, it becomes a worldwide hunt.

This is the reason behind today’s article and whether it’s through social media, or a people search by checkpeople, we will mull over some of the best ways to track those relatives abroad.

Using a people search service

Let’s start with one of the most modern methods around for tracking people. In truth, this can be used for anyone, but the fact it is an advanced people search engine means that it’s even more appropriate for those relatives that you are trying to locate overseas.

The system works by allowing you to enter filters in a bid to find your person of interest. It will then search through all sorts of records, including criminal and arrest ones, to see if there is anyone matching your criteria. Suffice to say, it really sorts out the data for you and makes the job a lot easier to complete.

Turning to the tried-and-tested social media option

Next on the list is ¡. We said tried-and-tested as in truth, most people have a social media account nowadays and this means that it can be very easy to track someone. Sure, you don’t have quite as many parameters and filters to choose from as you would with a typical people search, but it’s simple to use and the interface is what people are used to.

There is a big caveat with social media profiles though; they are of course only going to apply to those people who are alive. As such, if you are rolling back the years with your family tree, social media probably isn’t going to be of much use to you.

Start from now, and work backwards

In truth, this final suggestion can be applied to any type of family tree – regardless of whether or not it is based around people who live all around the world. Nevertheless, when the abroad-factor enters the picture there’s no doubt that you need to think even more shrewdly about your strategy. Starting from now certainly counts as this.

When we talk about starting from now, we’re referring the process of not starting from the 1800s, or whenever you want your family tree to start from. If you start from a more recent date, there’s every chance that you might be able to locate someone who has contacts with those family members from abroad, which will obviously make your job a lot easier.