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What is Chin Surgery?

A well-defined chin plays an important role in maintaining facial proportions and balance. The most commonly reported concerns are often related to a receding/weak chin or alternatively a prominent and rather larger than expected chin.

Of course, it could also simply be that you have never been particularly happy with the shape, size, or definition of your chin. In eitherinstance, chin surgery, whether chin augmentation or reduction is an option.

What Does a Chin Surgery Involve?

Many mistakenly assume problems of the chin can be addressed merely by using an Implant. There are however several underlying soft or hard tissue anomalies contributing to a chin deformity and the management of each varies.

With extensive clinical experience and a practice EXCLUSIVELY DEDICATED TO THE FACE, Mr. Mattine provides you with unique expertise and understanding of the various deformities of the chin and can offer you a comprehensive and diverse range of tailored options. These include:

GENIOPLASTY: Is an operation on the chin that uses an osteotomy (cut in the bone) to change the position of the chin in any direction. The chin height, width and shape can be altered using this technique and the fragmented segment can be moved in different direction to achieve the desired shape and size and restore the ideal facial balance and proportions.

CHIN IMPLANT: This is a surgical procedure where an implant is used to augment a receding chin and improve chin prominence. Appropriately selected implant can additionally enhance the shape and form of the chin. MrMattine has extensive experience with different types of implants, including customized patient-specific implants created from high-resolution CT scans and designed individually for each patient.

MENTOPLASTY: Often patients main concerns are related to a cleft chin, referring the presence of a Y-shaped dimple in the middle. Mentoplasty is a procedure where the underlying soft tissue, particularly muscles are refashioned to obliterate this cleft and improve shape and form of the chin.

CHIN REDUCTION: This is particularly applicable to patients with a pointed chin or Witches chin where bony surgery is offered to refashion the contributing deformity and improve chin form and projection.

LIPOSCULPTURE (FAT GRAFTING): This is an alternative technique where receding or weak chin can be augmented using patients own fat and has shown to provide reliable and lasting improvement in the patient’s profile.

FACIAL FILLERS: Facial Fillers can be used to enhance facial contour and improve definition of the chin. They are however short lasting and often need to be repeated. They are great in simulating the effects of chin implants before considering the lasting surgical changes of an implant.

The patient’s goals and requirements will determine which approach is most suitable, though all available options will be discussed fully during initial consultations with your surgeon.

Some chin surgery procedures can take place under local anesthesia, whilst majority require a general anesthesia, often as a day-stay.

How Long is the Recovery Period?

The length of the recovery period varies in accordance with the nature and extent of the surgery carried out. In all instances, there will be a degree of swelling, bruising and redness of the skin that will gradually subside with time. Hence, the full effects of chin reduction surgery may not be visible for few weeks.

In most instances, patients who undergo chin surgery are cleared to return to work after around five-seven days. Certain lifestyle adjustments may be necessary, such as the exclusion of strenuous activities and the use/avoidance of certain products as advised by your surgeon.

Is Chin Surgery Suitable for Everyone?

No form of cosmetic surgery is considered suitable for everyone, due to the potential risks involved and the uniqueness of each person’s physiology. This is something that will be assessed during the initial consultations with your surgeon, where your appropriateness as a candidate for chin surgery will be carefully considered.

Most people in a generally good state of health, are likely be considered eligible for surgery. Your surgeon will ask a series of questions about your lifestyle and general state of health, which you must answer as completely and honestly as possible.

What Are the Potential Risks Involved?

The risks associated with chin surgery procedures are comparatively minimal, though should be discussed openly and frankly with your surgeon. Though rare, potential after-effects of chin reduction surgery include nerve damage, numbness, bleeding and infection.

It’s also important to be realistic with your expectations.

How Much Does Chin Reduction Surgery Cost?

Prices vary significantly from one clinic to the next and in accordance with the nature and extent of the surgery performed and expertise of your surgeon. A chin reduction procedure could be performed for anything from £3,000 to £5,000.

When discussing costs with your surgeon, it is important to ensure that any potential aftercare costs and subsequent consultation/examination costs are disclosed. Depending on who you go to, the price you are quoted may cover the surgery alone – not the subsequent recovery period or future check-ups.

Why Consult with Samuel Mattine?

Samuel Mattine’s exclusive dedication to facial cosmetic surgery has enabled him to pioneer a wide variety of advanced and sophisticated treatment techniques. Mr. Mattine’s unrivalled experience and expertise in all aspects of chin surgery includes a diverse range of procedure, specific to your individual needs such as:

  • Genioplasty

  • Chin Implant

  • Mentoplasty

  • Chin Reduction

  • Facial Fillers

  • Liposculpture (Fat Grafting)

As a reputable and responsible cosmetic surgeon, Mr. Mattine ensures every patient fully understands the options available to make an informed decision, along with the risks associated with facial cosmetic surgery.

Book your obligation-free consultation with Samuel Mattine today to discuss any aspect of chin reduction or augmentation in more detail.