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What the Facts Say About Receiving an ACMPR Licence to Grow in Canada

If you live in Canada and are an avid cannabis lover, there’s a solid chance you know all about the ACMPR program. ACMPR program, or Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations, allows any citizen of Canada to grow medical marijuana from the comforts of home. 

Of course, the government isn’t just handing these licences to grow out, but if you properly follow the application process, you might never have to visit another dispensary again. The ACMPR has certainly had its ups and downs over the years. Although recreational cannabis was passed only recently, this program has been around for decades. 

It started off strong, but then after some time the government decided to no longer allow citizens to grow medically from home. Obviously cannabis medical patients hoping for easy access to their treatment methods were in an uproar over this, so the program returned once again. 

At this moment in time, there are over 30,000 licensed ACMPR growers all over the country. Anyone wanting to know more or hoping to get some insight on whether it’s right for them, keep reading. Here’s what the data and facts are saying about receiving an ACMPR licence to grow. 

ACMPR is Ideal for Budget-Friendly Cannabis Patients

Now that weed is officially legally, the government has jacked up the price of their cannabis products to an insane amount. The entire point of the Canadian government to legalize marijuana in the first place was to make money, so it’s no surprise that they are asking for a pile of cash for each gram, eighth, ounce, and pound purchased. 

There’s no need to fall into this cannabis trap; the products might look nice and green and crystally from their display cases, but you can grow something similar within the comforts of home. And the best part is, the stuff you grow will cost you next to nothing compared to the products you’d purchase at government-run dispensaries. 

ACMPR Growing Can Turn Into a Passion

More often than not, cannabis lovers love to grow. The process is not just about saving money, but it is something that is truly fulfilling and enjoyed by almost all ACMPR licence holders. Statistics show that 96.8% of ACMPR growers don’t just do it for kicks, but they actually feel a connection to their plants and truly care about the well-being of each cannabis crop.

ACMPR is the Ultimate Way to Gain Control

For those of you using cannabis as a medical treatment method, you probably understand the importance of having choice. Just as you aren’t growing for kicks, you aren’t smoking for kicks, either. The entire point of growing with an ACMPR license at home is to grow plants to treat some illness or ailment. 

When it comes to medical marijuana, not all strains are created equal, so patients need to have complete choice and control over what they grow. The same strain that would work perfectly for treating anxiety might have adverse effects on those suffering from migraine headaches. With the ACMPR license, growers choose what they want to grow. They’ll never have to worry whether or not a dispensary will their strain of choice on hand.