4 Beginner Vape Tricks That Are Very Easy to Learn

If you’re new to vaping, then you might have found yourself filled with envy watching other vapers do those cool tricks while vaping. When first starting out, it’s not uncommon for beginners to have trouble learning a few tricks. Not knowing how to do some of the most basic vaping tricks can lead to embarrassment amongst a group of friends.

However, everyone has to start somewhere. Luckily, there are several beginner vape tricks that you can learn with ease. If you’re looking to learn how to do a few vaping tricks to prove to your friends that you can hang with the crowd, then you’ll want to continue reading below.

Here’s our list of some awesome tricks and how to do them!

What Is Vaping?

Before we dive into all these cool tricks for you to try while vaping, let’s discover a bit more on what’s vaping. Understanding what vaping is can help you when trying to learn vaping tricks. The long-term effects are still unknown due to it being fairly new.

There’s some controversy on the matter, which you can read on here. However, vaping is much easier on the throat than cigarettes, especially when you use atop quality vape like the Davinci IQ2 Vaporizer as it doesn’t involve combustion. It also allows you to inhale an excessive amount of steam or clouds, making it much easier to do tricks with.

Now that you know some background on vaping, it’s time to learn the tricks!

1. The Mushroom Cloud

The first trick on our list is the mushroom cloud. This trick goes by a few other names as well. Some might refer to it as the ghost or as the snap inhale.

To complete this trick, you’ll suck out a cloud of vapor from your vape pen, but let it release out of your mouth before quickly inhaling it back in. This vape trick is fairly easy, so it’s the perfect first trick for a beginner vaper to try. This is how you’ll do the trick:

  • Take a long drag from your vape pen and allow it to settle in your mouth without inhaling.
  • Then, force the vapor out of your mouth all at one time in a ball (this might take some practice).
  • Finally, quickly inhale the vapor back into your mouth for a full inhale.
  • After doing so, a ghost-like cloud of vapor will appear.

Follow these simple steps for a vape trick that all vapers can handle.

2. The Dragon

Another super easy vape trick to learn is the dragon trick. It doesn’t take much effort to get the hang of it and once you do, you’ll have yourself looking like a dragon every time you vape. How so?

This trick allows the vapor to exhale with four different streams. Just imagine a dragon blowing smoke out of its nose and mouth. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Take a long drag from your vape pen.
  • Don’t inhale the vapor, but rather, allow it to rest in your mouth.
  • Then, forcefully exhale the vapor through your nose and mouth at the same time.
  • Use your tongue to create a separation of vapor leaving your mouth by placing it on the center of your lips while exhaling.

That’s all it takes to complete the dragon trick. After a while, you’ll be doing this one without even thinking about it!

3. Smoke Rings

If you’ve been around any kind of smoke, then you’ve probably seen someone blow out smoke rings or “Os” before. Smoke rings might be a little bit harder to create than the first two tricks, but they’re still simple to do. It might take some time to get the trick just right, but we have faith in you.

Here’s how you’ll do it:

  • Take a long drag from your vape pen without inhaling.
  • Gather as much vapor as possible in your mouth.
  • Now, you’ll need to make the “O” shape with your mouth.
  • Keep your tongue lying flat on your mouth’s floor and create an “O” shape with your lips.
  • Then, use your throat to push the vapor out of your mouth.

The last part sounds more difficult than it is. And once you get that figured out, you’re good to go. What you’re doing is creating a slight cough or sigh to push the vapor out.

4. The French Inhale

The French inhale is another fun trick to do that might be a bit harder than the first two, but still fairly simple. The French inhale is a classic trick, just like the smoke ring trick. You’ve most likely seen smokers do this one before.

And now it’s your time to shine. This trick involves vapor being inhaled through your nose from inside your mouth. It creates an upward waterfall effect and is also known as the Irish waterfall.

Here’s how you can create this trick:

  • Take a long drag from your vape pen and allow the vapor to sit inside your mouth.
  • Use your tongue to block the smoke from entering your throat.
  • Open your mouth slowly, but don’t exhale.
  • Use your tongue to push the vapor out of your mouth (do this step as slowly as possible).
  • While pushing the vapor out, breathe in through your nose.

Continue to breathe in through your nose while the vapor leaves your mouth. This will direct the vapor to your nose from the inside of your mouth, which creates the upside-down waterfall effect.

Can You Master These Beginner Vape Tricks?

Mastering these beginner vape tricks is just the beginning of your vape trick career! Once you figure out how to do these simple tricks, you’ll begin to master more difficult ones in no time!

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