4 Key Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Rome, Italy at Least Once

Do you have dreams of telling your boss to shove it and jumping on a plane to another country?

There are literally hundreds of options to choose from. You could go to Canada or Mexico. Don’t forget about the Bahamas or even France.

But we have a better idea. Keep reading to learn four reasons you should visit Rome, Italy before you apologize to your boss.

1. Food

If you have any Italian lineage in your family, you probably grew up with some version of homemade lasagna. Remember the gooey cheese and perfectly seasoned filling?

It was definitely a staple in your childhood.

If you weren’t so lucky to grow up with homemade lasagna,  you have to try it right now. And what better place to try this classic Italian dish? That’s right. Italy.

For generations, Italy has been competing at the top of the food chain — literally — for the best dish. It’s time to throw out the boxed to noodles and head to Italy for some freshly rolled, homemade noodles.

2. Wine

While you’re out tasting the local cuisine, be sure to grab a glass of locally made wine. Italy is well known for its luscious grapevines and wine recipes.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to jump on a wine tour and taste everything.

The best part? Since grapes are so abundant in Italy, wine is actually pretty cheap. Of course, like anywhere, wines do vary in price. But for the most part, you can get some pretty amazing wine at some pretty amazing prices.

What’s your preference? Red? White? Sweet? Dry?

Italy is equipped to suit every wine lover’s needs until the end of time.

3. Ancient Ruins

You know the saying, Rome wasn’t built in a day? It couldn’t be more accurate. Rome’s history spans out for nearly 28 centuries.

Rome was the birthplace of the most important ancient civilization. Without Rome, history around the world would be different. Rome was home to many emperors, warriors, poets, and theorists that revolutionized human history.

Take a walk around Rome’s ancient ruins with The Roman Guy and learn all about these historians, their mythology, and war stories.

4. Art

And of course, you can’t visit Rome without hitting the museums and galleries. Rome is one of the most popular cities in the world for art enthusiasts.

Art is everywhere in the city, from paintings to architecture, you just have to look around.

You can find originals from world-famous artists like Michelangelo, Sangallo, Salvi, Bernini, and more. The most popular museum that tourists like to visit is the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the most popular gallery is the Borghese Gallery.

Visit Rome, Italy ASAP

So say Hakuna Matata and hop on a plane to visit Rome, Italy right now.

Why? Because Rome is where your rump rests. And if it’s not, It definitely should be.

Remember to travel light and travel happy. For more fun articles and travel tips, browse the rest of our blog.