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5 Benefits Of Drinking Earl Grey Tea

Earl grey tea has leaves famously known for having powerful antioxidant properties. Earl grey tea can famously boost your immune health as well as helping you manage your weight. This brand is a mixture of several deluxe teas in China. Many theories have come up, trying to explain where it originated from, with the most common being that this brand was blended especially for Lord Grey by using a fruit known as bergamot, which is rich in fragrance. This fruit is known to neutralise the lime levels in the solvent. Below we look at some of the advantages of consuming Earl Grey tea on a regular basis.

1. It gives you more energy throughout the day

It may be surprising for coffee lovers to know that the drink will not only cool them down, but will also give them energy without any unwanted side effects. This type of tea has a very small caffeine content present, meaning that you can get that energy kick, without suffering the low later in the day. This amount of caffeine is perfect for brightening your mood and making you more active, helping you through your late night run you would otherwise skip.

This tea will also keep your body hydrated throughout the day, unlike the regular coffee that has components that make the vital vitamins and the soluble nutrients excreted by the body. Its caffeine quantity will not keep you active throughout the night since it is only a small amount, meaning you could even drink this before bedtime and still have a pleasant night’s sleep.

2. It aids digestion

Earl grey tea is also known to help in the digestion process. It can also help you to recover from ingestion, nausea, and other infections caused by indigestion problems. This tea is also used in various medical departments to fight diseases affecting the intestines by killing worms. This tea contains the flavin antioxidant, which destroys harmful radicals that lead to indigestion. A study has shown that taking at least four cups of this tea brand a day can reduce your chances of contracting cancers targeting the digestive system, which is reason enough to start drinking this tea more regularly.

3. Keeps you safe from heart infections

Recent research has shown that drinking at least four cups of this tea per day will lower your chances of contracting heart diseases quite significantly. People who regularly drink this tea will have their blood pressure levels drop, and will record an increase in the production of the “good cholesterol” within four months, studies show. The users also showed massive levels of antioxidants that help our bodies fight radicals that destroy our harmful cells.

4. Earl grey can help with depression and other related conditions

The Earl Grey tea contains bergamot, which has been proven to have a cooling effect on its users. This aggravates the individual’s mood and will help them to tackle the symptoms that come with depression. This tea is most suitable for people suffering from anxiety and dementia.

It is now known by many that tea contains soothing properties that can help your body to relax, while staying energised. This means that for those suffering with anxiety or depression, earl grey and other herbal teas can help to lower the heart rate which is linked with such mental health issues. The warming feel and smell of the tea has also shown to exert feelings of positivity in its drinkers, giving multiple benefits with just a few cups.

5. Ensures your teeth and gums are strong

The Earl Grey tea has massive catechin levels. This is an antioxidant that helps to fight oral diseases and other issues. This tea also produces fluoride as its natural feature. It is a critical factor in ensuring your teeth are cavity-free and that you can maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Unlike coffee that can cause your teeth to be stained by the dark colour of the drink, earl grey tea will do the opposite. The tea will not stain your teeth whatsoever, and as stated, the tea actually has effects of healthier and whiter teeth, making this enough to convert even the avid coffee drinkers.


It has come as a surprise that a single type of tea can have so many health and mental benefits. So what are you waiting for? Invest in your health and try out earl grey tea today to see the benefits it can have on your health and body. With so many toxins and pollutants in the world today, it is more important than ever to invest in better health. Good quality earl grey tea can be rare, meaning that many people will opt for more traditional teas like english breakfast tea. However, take the time to find your perfect tea today to kickstart your health journey.