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The Benefits of Blinds Over Curtains

If you’re traditionally a ‘curtains’ person, you may need a bit of convincing as to the benefits of blinds.  Often used in the kitchen and bathroom, blinds can actually be a great addition to any room of the house.  They’re not just aesthetically attractive, but they have a number of benefits that curtains just can’t provide.  We’ll take a look at some of these in this article.

They’re Affordable

If you’ve ever tried to order a pair of ‘made to measure’ curtains for your home, you’re likely aware of just how expensive they are.  Of course, the larger the window, the more fabric they require, but it’s easy to blow your budget on just one room.  Blinds are a much more affordable option.  They are available in ‘made to measure’ options, but usually for a fraction of the cost of curtains.  In fact, one of the main pieces of positive feedback about Hillarys blinds is just how affordable they are.

They’re Practical and Simple to Fit

Curtains require tracks or poles to hang.  While most homes do come with these ready installed, if yours doesn’t, you’ll soon find that they’re not the easiest of things to fit.  In addition, tracks and poles are – to be frank – a bit of a pain to fit around small windows.  Blinds are much easier.  The tracks are designed to be user friendly, and can be fitted in just a few minutes.  Because they’re unobtrusive, they can also fit into smaller gaps, making them ideal for windows with limited space surrounding them, and small windows.

They’re Functional

Have you ever thought about why most kitchens and bathrooms don’t have curtains for the window treatment?  Well, the main reason is that these two rooms are prone to condensation and humidity – far more than the other rooms in the house – due to the activities completed within them.  Vertical and roller blinds are ideal for these rooms as they have been designed to withstand the harsher conditions.  Most can be wiped clean, and those that can’t are manufactured to withstand damp and moisture.

They Don’t All Have to Be Made from Fabric

Finally, one last thing that makes blinds so great as that they don’t necessarily have to be made from fabric.  This is ideal for homes that have a certain design scheme that curtains just don’t blend in well with.  Venetian blinds, for example, can be made from wood or aluminium.  Both of these materials lend themselves well to rustic and contemporary decors.  If you want to achieve minimalist simplicity in your home, aluminium blinds are ideal.  Whereas if you’re going for a chic Parisian look, wooden blinds are what you need.

While curtains may be the most common choice of window treatment in the UK, there’s no reason not to consider other options.  As this article shows, there are plenty of benefits to blinds that curtains just can’t achieve.  Plus, with so many pretty options, there’s no reason not to give them a chance.