5 Essential Things Every Start-Up Must Have to Succeed

Starting a company in itself is a monumental feat. Being able to ensure success within the first several years of operation is a goal only those who are well-prepared can achieve. According to statistics, about 50% of new businesses fail within the first five years. While it may seem disheartening, there is no need to feel discouraged if you are contemplating about finally realizing your dream of owning a start-up.

What you need is an excellent foundation. In this article, we are going to discuss five essential things you need to have to build a start-up company that has a chance of overcoming the odds.

Funding and a well thought out profit plan

Of course, the first thing a new company needs is adequate funding. It is critical to have a business plan that is realistic and practical. It would be best if you accounted for when you start making a profit so that you have enough to pay for bills, employees, and other expenses.

Another consideration is how and where you will get the money. There are plenty of ways available. You can get a loan through traditional channels, or you can try non-conventional loan services like Become. Start-ups also get funds by crowdfunding or by looking for wealthy “angel” investors. Whichever option you prefer, what is most important here is that you keep your goal in mind, especially when it comes to paying off these financial obligations.

A strong support network

You cannot make it in the world of business without a support network. It is critical because you can build connections with industry experts, potential talent, and investors. Whether your network consists of peers or mentors, you need to actively think and consider situations where you can effectively expose your company to new resources. Your options include becoming a member of a local business organization or one within your industry.

Offline and online brand presence

Before you start putting your product or service out there, you need to invest in online and offline marketing. You can conduct focus groups and product tests to understand better what appeals to your target market. You can also hire an expert team to handle online marketing, especially building your company’s social media presence.

The perfect location

If your business is a brick and mortar establishment, real estate is a key factor that will affect your success. Now, highly-coveted spaces are expensive, which may not be the best option for a start-up. In looking for office space, you also have to account for the cost of utilities and other maintenance expenses.

On the other hand, if you are a business that is primarily online-based, you need to consider a domain name that describes your brand and, at the same time, searchable. Some companies also buy several domain names, which points to a single website to increase their chances of getting site visitors.

Discipline and follow-through

All things considered, no business will succeed without knowing how to get things done. As the owner, you need to be prepared for any possibilities. Start-up companies succeed because of hard work. If you put in the time and stay focused on your goals, you may increase the probability of surviving and succeeding within your first five years.