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5 Hair Care Tips That’ll Lead to Stronger and Healthier Hair

On average, you lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day.

Are you looking for hair care advice to make your hair stronger and healthier? Did you know that some of your daily hair care routine could actually be damaging your hair?

There are ways to improve the health and appearance of your hair. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn 5 hair care tips for healthier hair.

1. Don’t Overdo It With Shampoo

Our scalp produces natural oils. If you shampoo your hair too much, you end up stripping your scalp of the natural oils, and that can leave your hair feeling dry and damaged.

If you’re overwashing your hair, you could be damaging it. On average, you should shampoo your hair every two to three days. It also depends on your hair type, how dry your hair is, and other factors such as if you work out frequently.

Generally, people with dry hair will not need to shampoo as often. On the other hand, if you have very oily hair, you might need to shampoo daily.

You also shouldn’t use too much shampoo. The average person only needs about a quarter-sized amount.

2. Avoid Heat

Another hair care tip is to avoid damaging your hair with heat. Heated styling tools like blow dryers, hair curlers, and straightening irons can damage and weaken your hair.

If you usually use these styling tools daily, consider using them less often. If you’re used to blow-drying your hair every day, let your hair air-dry half of those days.

If you do use a heated styling tool, make sure to apply a heat protectant to your hair.

3. Vitamins

Trying to get shiny, healthy hair? Have you considered making changes to your diet for great results?

Nutritional and vitamin deficiencies are linked to hair loss. For example, deficiencies in vitamins such as the B-vitamin biotin and vitamin D have been associated with hair loss.

You should eat a healthy range of foods to make sure you’re getting the proper vitamins and minerals for optimal health growth.

You can also take a hair vitamin supplement. However, you should talk to your doctor before taking any vitamins or supplements.

4. Massage Your Scalp

Try giving your scalp a massage to improve the health of your hair. A study had participants receive a 4-minute scalp massage for 24 weeks. The results showed an increase in hair thickness after 24 weeks.

5. Treat Your Hair With Care When It’s Wet

Our hair is prone to breakage when it’s wet. After you shower, don’t wrap your hair in a huge, heavy towel.

Instead, wrap it with a lightweight towel so that it doesn’t weigh down or damage your wet hair. Also, when your hair is wet, you shouldn’t tie it up with a rubber hair tie. This can lead to more hair breakage and damage.

Final Thoughts on Hair Care Tips

If your hair could use a health boost, the above hair care tips can help improve the appearance and health of your hair.

However, if you’re experiencing major hair shedding or hair loss, you might want to speak with your doctor.

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