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5 Home Help Installations For The Elderly

Nobody can stop time and as much as we may like to, we all must accept that one day our bodies and minds will begin to slow down as we reach old age. When this begins to happen, it is important that we take action, especially around the home, to ensure that we are still able to go about our daily lives, as we always have done. In this regard there are many installations which you could look at implementing around the home, to aid you in your day-to-day life, and help to make tasks that have become harder with age, that little bit easier. Here are 5 installations which you should consider for your home.

Stair Lift

When you get a stair lift installed, you will instantly remove the burden of trotting up and down stairs all day. The impact of this on anyone who struggles with strength or mobility, is that it places great stress on the body, and could even result in an injury. A stair lift will be a great addition to the household and it will ensure that getting up and down the stairs is no longer the tough task that it has become.

Walk In Bath

Once the knees begin to slow down, even something as simple as getting in and out of the bath tub can drive to be quite a challenge. Thankfully there is a simple fix to this which is to have a walk in bath tub installed in the home. These tubs have a small door which you will open to enter the tub, and then fill with water. This door entrance removes the need for you to clamber over the tub, and ensures that you can bathe without any undue stress.


When out and about you may like to use a stick or a zimmer, but if you have carpets in the home this will not help you very much. The best course of action then, to make sure that you are supported in the home, is to have some rails installed around the walls of the property. Falling will no longer be an issue once you have some railings to grab hold of as you make your way around the house.


Our hearing is often one of the first things to go when we reach old age, making the simple task of speaking with someone on the telephone incredibly difficult. The solution to this is to install a loud speakerphone in the home, which will ensure that you are able to hear everything that is being said by a friend, relative or business contact.

Raised Seating

Getting up and down on seats around the home is not as easy as it once was when you get older, so why not think about having all of the seats in the home raised up, so that you are not sinking as far down when you sit? You can do this very simply with either extra cushions or wood stilts to put beneath the chair legs.

Don’t accept the changes in your body, tweak your home to make sure that your quality of life is not affected.