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5 Tips For Growing a Beard

Beards are more popular than ever and don’t show any signs of going away any time soon. They aren’t just highly fashionable; they’re downright awesome. 

However, they aren’t something you can buy at the store. Growing a beard takes time and effort, and above all, tender loving care. If you’re ready to grow a beard of your own, take a look at some of the best tips for doing so.  

Patience Is Key 

First thing is first. You need to know that your beard isn’t going grow over night.  It’s going to take a considerable amount of patience to get your beard exactly where you want it to be. Don’t waste your time trying to get it to grow as fast as possible. 

As they say, slow and steady wins the race, and your beard isn’t any exception. It’s going to take time for it to fully grow in. If everyone who grew a beard were impatient, they would likely give in after two weeks. The truth is it will take at least four weeks to start to see the kind of beard that you’re after. 

Give yourself time, and you won’t regret the results! 


One of the biggest complaints about beards is that they itch. Itchy beards are a result of dry skin. When you moisturize, you will alleviate the problem. Rather than using a regular moisturizer, it’s important that you use one specifically made for beards.   

They will soothe the itchy skin and get rid of any dandruff that’s accumulated under your beard. 

Limit Your Beard Washing 

Believe it or not, something really can be too clean. Your beard shouldn’t be washed more than twice a week unless you want to dry out the beard hairs. The truth is that unless you’re eating daily servings of spaghetti and meatballs or sticking your face in a bowl of soup, your beard probably doesn’t warrant a daily wash. 

Trim It Up 

Some people might think of a beard as a “lazy man’s” shave. However, the truth is that it couldn’t be further from the truth. Your beard will require a considerable amount of maintenance and upkeep to ensure that it stays looking its best. Make sure that it’s trimmed and well looked after if you want it to look its best. 

If you’re not sure how to trim your beard, you should consider getting it done by a professional. They know the right way to trim along the sides to shape it to your face. Most importantly, you should avoid letting your beard grow down your neck.   

Your Beard Is a Reflection Of Your Lifestyle 

Your beard is a reflection of the kind of lifestyle that you lead. In order to get the most out of it, you’ll need to ensure that you are living a healthy life. That means avoiding smoking, eating plenty of nutrients and vitamins, and staying hydrated! Your beard will show for it!