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Adopting an ERP Dropship Software Program

If as an online retailer you are starting to come up against issues where you’re stuck between your customer and your supplier trying to find out where a product is and how to get it to the customer on time, you may have reached the stage to consider an ERP Dropship Software Program to manage your suppliers, inventory and shipping much more efficiently.

What Does an ERP Dropship Software Program Do?

ERP Dropshipping Software manages your vendor community more efficiently by leveraging them to ship direct to your customers rather than bring stock to your own warehouses before shipping to customers. This reduces your transportation and warehousing costs, speeds up shipping to your customers and allows you to deal with customer queries more efficiently.

These Dropship solutions give you a complete control over and visibility of your fulfilment process, enabling you to build your brand reputation due to higher levels of customer service and accurate and on-time delivery to your customer. Your suppliers will also benefit from smoother transaction and taking a large cut of the profit margin, ensuring your become their favorite vendor.

Advantages of ERP Dropship Software

There are many advantages of ERP Dropship Software to be considered. First of all you will be able to onboard new suppliers and test them much more quickly and efficiently without investing in pallet-loads of their stock. It will be an easy transition for them and you.

Fulfillment processes become much more streamlined as e-commerce, vendor outreach, reporting, testing and enablement are all integrated cutting out the chance of errors and improving the speed and efficiency of a transaction. Data managed through this process is also easily monitored for compliance.

Product data can be integrated easily and combined with real-time inventory management allows you to avoid out of stock errors and mis-shipping of products. You can also monitor your vendor network through the ERP software and report or scorecard them based on their efficiency. This will allow you to identify best and worst suppliers, and where necessary decide whether to work with them more, reduce your reliance on them, or spend time performance managing them to improve to support your brand.

Another major advantage is that your product range online isn’t limited by your cash flow or the size of your warehouse anymore. You can enable your suppliers to list many more of their products through you, expanding your range and SKU list, while maintaining control over order fulfillment and even speed up delivery times. This results in improved customer service and on-time shipment to customers more often.

Integrating an ERP Dropship Solution

Most dropship solutions will easily integrate with payment providers, ecommerce solutions, and current ERP solutions. They provide secure connection between you and your suppliers, sending data quickly and effectively to speed up fulfillment processes. Dashboards are tailored for each user to show them relevant data and a unified inventory, and also provides alerts to relevant users across devices including desktop, tablet and smart phone.