Al Hartman on Why Online Real Estate Transactions Are Becoming the Norm

If you want to buy or sell properties in Houston, you can do so offline, but also online. Thanks to the internet, real estate buyers and sellers alike are able to view all the available properties. Additionally, Al Hartman has noticed that there is an increase in the number of people who move between states, and the internet is an even more valuable tool for them.

Al Hartman on Online Real Estate Transactions

Selling a home means showing people different facts about a piece of property, encouraging them to make a proposition or offer to buy it. This means people need to know how much the asking price is, where the property is, how many bed- and bathrooms the property has, details about the kitchen, garage, garden, and so on. This goes above and beyond sharing a photo of the house from the curb.

People may also search for more specific types of information, such as whether the house has a pool, a barbecue patch in the garden, a deck and patio, a television room, and so on. Furthermore, they may have a particular idea in mind in terms of how to use the home. It could be a retirement home, a family home, or a second home, to name but a few.

Sharing all this information between buyers and sellers is now mainly done online. If you want to list your property online, you have to make sure that you have a price included in your property. This is because the zip code and the price are the key elements that people look for when searching for a home. If your listing doesn’t include those details, people will simply move on.

Of course, much of the process of buying and selling homes still has to be done in person. You will have to go for viewings, speak to a bank manager, arrange a valuation, sign mortgage papers, and so on. That being said, the internet provides a great resource as a starting point, helping you to find properties to look at if you’re buying, or list properties that you want to sell.

One of the great thins about the internet is that it technically offers a 24/7 open house to a property. You can add images of both the exterior and the interior, aerial photographs, drone videos, 360 virtual tours, and more. These are all things that will give people more faith in the authenticity of your listing, while at the same time making it stand out from the many other listings available in the same geographical area.

The one thing to be mindful of, however, is that the internet seems to have given us the idea that we can do everything ourselves. Whether you want to buy a home or sell a property, you should still consider working with professionals along the way. There are complexities and legalities that you have to deal with and while you may be able to research those online, you probably won’t be able to complete them online by yourself.