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Bharat Bhise – Tips on How To Meditate

Meditation is something which can help just about everyone and it has untold mental and physical benefits. With this being said meditation is something which you have to learn and it is only over time that you will begin to find it easy. I was introduced to meditation by my college roommate Bharat Bhise who spoke at length about the range of benefits which this could have. At the time I really didn’t believe Bharat but after he showed me how to do it and the importance of doing it daily, I realized very quickly just how beneficial this could be for me. At the time Bharat gave me some tips on how to meditate , tips which I want to pass on to you. 

Benefits of Meditation 

There are a number of mental health benefits which you will receive when you start to meditate regularly. The main benefit which I have found is that I am much more equipped to deal with stressful situations than I was before, I also have much higher levels of concentration. I can see the clear difference if I have not meditated for a couple of days, and I begin to feel quite scatty and lack concentration. There are many more benefit such as improved memory, all of which you can enjoy when you begin to practice meditation. 

No Pressure

When you first start to meditate you may find it difficult to switch off, this can become frustrating and it is why a lot of people fail to continue. This however is perfectly natural and it just shows why you must do this each day and learn how to be at peace and to relax. When you are meditating you should be sat in an upright position, taking deep breaths in and out and focusing your mind on your body, how it rises and falls, don’t try to clear your mind, that will come. 


To help you learn to better control your mind when you meditate try to work in phases between allowing all of the thoughts to enter into your head, and then phases where you aim to switch off and just focus on the body. When focusing on the body, feel every area of it from head to toes, get in tune with how it feels. After a short amount of time, allow your mind to go anywhere it pleases, no matter what the thoughts are. The more that you do this the better you’ll be able to switch off the mind when you meditate.

No More Than 15 

Fifteen minutes is plenty of time for you in the beginning and if you are able to dedicate just 15 minutes per day to this, you are going to see huge benefits. Everyone has 15 minutes spare in their day, why not dedicate yours to taking some time out, passing life, and giving yourself some time for you. 

Keep practicing and it will come, so too will the benefits.