Castles to visit in Europe

Taking a trip to Europe is something that everyone must do in their lives. After all, its countries are full of culture and wonders and let’s not forget about all the fun you can have while there. There are a lot of experiences waiting for you, especially if you plan an itinerary ahead of time, and you can have the time of your life there. However, if you are into the medieval era, one of the things you will like there is that Europe’s territories are full of castles as old as time. Only Germany has about 20 thousand castles and ruins. Below you will find a list of top 5 castles that will take your breath away.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

I chose to start with this one because it is one of the most beautiful castles in all of Europe. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but there is still someone to say that they do not like this architectural wonder. If you would like to know, Disney used the Neuschwanstein Castle as an inspiration for the castle in Sleeping Beauty. It is pretty obvious why.

The location of the Neuschwanstein Castle is mesmerizing. It does not matter which time of the year you choose to go there, but you will be left in awe. While entry is permitted if you buy a ticket, the best way to have an overview of the castle is Mary’s Bridge. You have a little climb, but trust me when I say this, the view is worth it. Best selfie you will ever take. And if you find yourself there, the Museum of Bavarian Kings is also nearby.

Bran Castle, Brasov, Romania

Bram Stoker has never been to Bran Castle, but the place is known as Dracula’s home nevertheless. People in Romania even call it that way. You will not find any vampires in Transylvania, but the Halloween parties at Bran Castle surely have style. The fact that everyone knows is to be the home of Dracula makes the experience even better. However, let’s not forget that this is a piece of architectural wonder and that the mountain ring that surrounds the castle makes the location even more stunning. If you ever find yourself in Romania, this place is a must-see.

Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

There are many things you can do in Prague, and not all of them involve drinking their world-renowned beer. The Prague Castle looks its best at night because the city officials have done a fantastic job with the lighting. Leaving that aside, the castle has courtyards, lanes, and gardens. They are stunning to view if you have the chance. The gothic cathedral of St. Vitus makes for beautiful pictures. You will love it there.

Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Moving to warmer territories, Portugal is very colorful, and this castle reaffirms that statement. Its walls are red and yellow, and they glow beautifully under the sun. If the weather is clear, you can see it all away from Lisbon. The Pena Palace has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it brings hundreds of thousands of visitor each year. You should be one of them.

Moszna Castle, Poland

Last but not least, Poland is a country with a vibrant culture, but this castle is particularly favored by tourists. One of the reasons may be the fact that it looks like a mini Hogwarts. The surroundings are beautiful as well, and if you are into baroque architecture, then the Moszna Castle should be on your bucket list.

The list can continue, but you would be reading until morning. It is imperative that when you visit these locations, you show respect for the surroundings and understand that there is only a limited number of people who can enter each day. The preservation of these locations is of the utmost importance, so make sure that you follow all the ground rules. At the same time, check if you need a visa. After all, they are all located in different countries. As an EU citizen, a passport is sufficient. Some borders do not even ask for that and allow you to enter with an ID card only.