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Covid Corporate Housing in New York Showing The Way For Our Healthcare Workers

During this pandemic there have been some gargantuan efforts by businesses and by individuals to support and help with the battle that we have all been confronted by. It is fair to say that the heroes of this year have been those incredible men and women in the healthcare sector. They will say that they are just doing their jobs, the rest of us however know better and they deserve all of our thanks and praise. There have also been some business which have been outstanding in showing the healthcare workers their appreciation and one industry which has done this is corporate housing.

In fact when it comes to Covid corporate housing New York has really lead the way and we have so many of those businesses to thank for what they did to make healthcare workers feel special. To those of you who do believe that they were just doing their job, here is how they have gone above and beyond.

PPE Shortages

Whilst it is an absolute embarrassment that in the 21st century, in the wake of a pandemic which has crippled the nation, that we should have any issues protecting our staff with equipment, these men and women have rolled on anyway. Mask wearing for months on end, making their own protective equipment to keep them safe, the community and the healthcare staff have taken care of this where the government didn’t, and risked heir lives in the process. An amazing effort.


Nurses and doctors couldn’t just go about their day and then head back for dinnertime with the family, there have been an enormous amount of personal sacrifices made by these people and that again is something we should be proud of. Many nurses and doctors have been away from their families for long periods of time because they posed a risk, and many more have even traveled to more dangerous cities and states in order to offer their support.

Death Toll

There is no doctor or nurse on this planet who gets ‘used’ to their patients dying, it is after all the one thing that they are trying most to avoid. Death is very often painful yet on the scale which we have seen it, doctors and nurses have been watching their patients die day after day of a virus which they know very little about. In spite of this emotional anguish they have consistently gone into bat, they have toiled for huge amounts of hours to try and offer the best care and the best support possible. All the while they are witnessing emotional chaos as they have had to tell families that they cannot say goodbye to their loved ones. These men and women are not robots, and yet they have been operating in that way in order to save as many of us as they possibly could.

The reason why we should laud those businesses in corporate rentals or in other sectors, is because they get just how incredible those healthcare workers are.