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Dean Tourimi reviews Knowing when you need revision rhinoplasty

Dean Tourimi reviews Knowing when you need revision rhinoplasty

Dean Tourimi is a member of the division of facial, plastic reconstruction and plastic surgery at Illinois University.

Many people are very happy with their reconstructive rhinoplasty that can transform the shape of the nose and someone’s confidence along with it. It is however a complex surgery and there can be problems. Therefore, some people have already had rhinoplasty and are unhappy with the outcome, do not give up hope however as in some situations further surgery is an option. Sometimes it is the function of the nose that isn’t correct since the surgery and, in these instances, if help can be obtained, then this is a situation that must be remedied by a surgeon as soon as possible.

Sometimes the problem may occur throughout the healing process, the surgeon can have no real control over this. In some instances, surgical techniques have improved since the original surgery. Other issues include:

  • Primary rhinoplasty created asymmetries
  • Cartilage grafts have become displaced
  • Too much bone or cartilage was removed
  • Not enough bone or cartilage was removed
  • Injury or trauma to the nose has compromised results
  • Results do not match expectations
  • Breathing has become obstructed

If your reason for wanting the revision surgery covers any of the above, then you would be considered by a surgeon for a revision rhinoplasty operation. The obstruction of the airways is obviously very problematic, and, in some instances, nothing can be done to rectify this but in others it can. The best thing to do is visit another surgeon to find out what their opinion is. If you are scared of repeating the situation and having bad surgery then check them out online, check that they have good five-star reviews as opposed to bad ones. Do your research this time! You have to wait at least one year before having revision rhinoplasty however as it takes this long for all of the small bones to heal, due to the intricacy of the nasal passage.

Revision rhinoplasty just as initial rhinoplasty will differ from client to client as no two people have the same issues, concerns or problems. Cartlidge grafts are required for some and the grafts can be taken from the nasal septum or even from your ribs or parts of your ear. The revision operation may also improve the shape of your nasal tip or the nasal bridge or may be to make the nose symmetrical.

In some instances, patients will need general anesthesia and some will need only twilight anesthesia. The revision procedure usually takes longer than the initial rhinoplasty, especially in complex cases when cartilage grafts were taken from the ear or the patients’ ribs. Recovery can also take longer especially the swelling. The patient can usually return to work within seven to ten days and there may be a tiny bit of swelling at this point but all of the bruising should have gone. The final results will not be fully visible for up to one whole year after surgery.