Dock Square Parking Garage Boston Review

Here in Boston there are a number of parking garages in the city center and to be honest, many of them just aren’t good enough. Thankfully I have found the ultimate parking garage here in the city which I have to tell you about. The parking garage is called Dock Square Parking Garage and it is far superior than any other parking garage in Boston. There is a huge demand for garages here in Boston as the parking in the city center is notoriously difficult, if you do need an option, here is why this one is where you should go. 


The number one reason why most people want to use a parking garage is because they want to ensure that their car is left in a secure location whilst it is parked. I have heard stories about many garages here in Boston where people have had their car’s scratched and broken into, something which I deem to be wholly unacceptable. This however is not the case here at Dock Square as they are so focused on security that you can leave your car here safe in the knowledge that everything will be in tact when you get back. 


Another frustrating thing about many of the garages here is that they think that because there isn’t much competition that they can charge whatever they like to those who are parking their vehicles here. Dock Square also don’t have a great deal of competition nearby, but they understand that charging exorbitant fees is not necessary and their pricing structure is absolutely great. I really like that they have different hourly rates for long and short stay customers, which suits office workers very well. 


One of the aspects of this parking garage which I particularly like is that they have a range of different sized spaces, which have the perfect amount of distance between them to allow for easy access, and for loading up your car, or using a wheelchair. So many parking garages try to cram in as many cars as they possibly can and this of course leads to awkward parking situations, potential for damage to your car and to others. I love the fact that these guys thought of different sized spaces too as this means that no matter if you have an SUV or a Smart Car, there is a perfect little slot just waiting for you. 

Customer Service

Something which not many people would necessarily look for in a parking garage is customer service, but that is where Dock Square is different, here the team are so kind and friendly and every morning they never fail to stop and have a little chat, which is just a really nice feeling for anyone who is starting or finishing their day. This also gives me more confidence from a security standpoint, if they can take the time to see how I’m doing, I feel that they most certainly have the desire to keep my car safe. 

If you are in Boston, there is only one place to park your car