Brennan & Clark Collection Agency – How to Deal With Debt Collectors

There are 2 types of debt which you can find yourself in, there is managed debt which you may a certain amount towards comfortably each month, and there is problematic debt which you just can’t afford to get out of. Those who aren’t able to manage debt can face a torrid time and it can affect almost every aspect of your life. The one thing you should never do intros position however is bury your head in the sand and pretend that it isn’t happening. Companies like the Brennan & Clark collection agency see this first hand, and the word debt collection often causes people to ignore the issue, this is not what you should do, and here is how to deal with a debt collection agency

What They Are?

Debt collection agencies get an unfair rap and many thing that they are just going to take your stuff to the value of what you owe. This actually couldn’t be further from the truth and in fact they are just a company who purchase debt from financial institutions at a fraction of the cost, and then try to chase up the debt. This is beneficial because banks and lenders can get some money back and move on, the debt collectors can then pursue this and get their money back too. 


If you are in debt and you receive a letter from a debt collection agency then the first thing that you have to do is give them a call. If you fail to respond then they will continue to try and contact you, before going to the courts to seek a decision which will allow them to come to your home and potentially take possessions. Ignoring is the worst thing you can do. 


Debt collection agencies have a lot of options they can give you to help you pay the debt back on your own terms, but you have to be honest with them. When you speak to them detail exactly how much you earn, the costs which you have to pay each and every month and how much you will be left with. These agencies aren’t going to enforce you to pay more than you can afford, and they will instead offer you a very favorable way by which you can slowly but surely pay off your debt. 


If and when anything changes in your financial situation such as losing your job or getting a raise, you have to speak to the agency to re-calculate your situation. Always remember that they want the debt paid off just as much as you do, which is why they will always be accommodating based on your personal situation. The onus is on you to stay in touch with them and to ensure that you are always honest about your exact financial situation.

The longer you ignore this, the worse your situation will become, don’t let that happen.