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Does Medicaid Cover Home Health Care: What You Need to Know


Do you receive Medicaid to help you pay for your health expenses?

If so, you’ve likely wondered, does Medicaid cover home health care? If you can’t make it to the hospital or clinic and need your doctor to make a house call, you want to ensure that you can pay for it.

With the high cost of healthcare today, this is a major concern for many Americans.

This quick guide will show you how home health care works and whether you can use Medicaid can help you cover these costs.

Here’s what you need to know:

What Is Home Health Care?

Before you opt for home health care you must know what constitutes home health care and that it’s not always the same as a doctor making house calls.

Home health care is when you receive medical care in your home or at a retirement community you’re living in. Home health care can range from occasional checkups to regular visits or even having to be treated by a live-in nurse.

Does Medicaid Cover Home Health Care?

The short answer is yes! Medicaid can cover home health care services, though eligibility requirements vary by each state.

In some cases, Medicaid can cover the entire cost of your health care needs. In other cases, it’ll supplement your current health insurance plans. It’s often difficult to receive Medicaid. As a result, you want to ensure that you have your finances in order as you can’t always depend on Medicaid.

You can visit to learn more about the eligibility requirements for your state. If you qualify you can then call your local agency to learn about how you can receive financial support for your home health care.

What Costs Are Covered?

Depending on your state, not every medical cost will get covered by your Medicaid plan. Let’s look into some of the services that you might need from home health care.

If you need 24-hour care this might not get covered in your state. Some states only cover the costs for a limited number of hours. Even if your state covers 24-hour care, it’s often difficult to receive the financial support.

You’ll have to prove a need for 24-hour care. This means that you’ll likely have to receive doctor’s notes that outline why you need this much care.

If you can’t cover the cost of medicine then you might be able to receive financial support from Medicaid. Once again, you’ll have to prove why this medicine is needed. You might also have to justify why you need a large dose etc.

Get Medicaid

Now that you know the answer to does Medicaid cover home health care, you can see if you’re eligible to receive support for your healthcare.

The short answer is that Medicaid can cover the costs of home health care including nurse care and medication. However, the range of how much Medicaid can cover these costs depend on your state.

Make sure you research if you’re eligible and speak to your state’s Medicaid provider before opting for home health care.

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