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Don’t Trust Prescription Drugs for ADHD? Here’s an Alternative

Do you get distracted when people are talking? Do you get bored easily? Do you face difficulty getting organized? Looks like normal issues every adult faces in their everyday life. But these are actually the symptoms of ADHD. Expanded as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, ADHD is a mental disorder in which individuals have problems in paying attention, while being excessively active or showing behavior that is not age appropriate. Studies have shown that more around 4%-5% of American adults are suffering from ADHD.

Many people are wary of ADHD treatment that requires them to take prescription drugs, being concerned about their safety and fearing the side effects. It is for this reason that many are turning to brain supplements, such as ADDTabz, which is a synthetic amphetamine and can also be used as an alternative to medicines commonly prescribed for the treatment of ADHD, without the harmful side effects. This nootropic works in a manner similar to the prescription medication to improve attention, focus, concentration and productivity, says an ADDTabz review by, a website known for its unbiased and factual reviews of memory pills.

What Causes ADHD?

The causes of ADHD are still unknown. However, doctors believe that ADHD is hereditary and runs in families for generations. ADHD is found to be the result of certain chemical imbalances in the brain, which lead to changes in those areas of the brain that control attention. This is why children with ADHD are less attentive than others. ADHD can also be caused by external factors that can affect brain development, such as a brain disorder or brain injury, exposure to toxins, such as lead, poor nutrition at the time of pregnancy and in infancy.

Medical experts say that the symptoms of ADHD appear before the age of 12 and affect school and home activities. However, parents often confuse their child’s problems in paying attention in the classroom, which could result in poor school performance, to his negligence and lack of interest in studies. This leaves ADHD untreated in many cases. While many children outgrow it, more than 60% carry it into their adulthood.

When an adult, the individual might experience low self-esteem, creating problem at work, trouble concentrating when reading, anxiety, chronic forgetfulness and lateness, impulsiveness, consistent procrastination, disorganization, depression, trouble controlling anger and mood swings, all of which are symptoms of ADHD.

Undiagnosed ADHD and Relationships

The most destructive impact of the symptom of ADHD is seen in relationships, where one partner needs to unwillingly take the role of a parent, while the other, who is affected by ADHD, is busy being an irresponsible child. In such situations, where one partner is suffering from ADHD, the other partner can feel ignored and lonely.

People with ADHD can become control freaks and can get into the habit of constant nagging and trying to manage every detail of their partner’s life. Over time, it becomes difficult for the partner to meet their expectations, where the best they can come up with is to leave ADHD person alone. It is for this reason that ADHD is responsible for many divorces.

However, the impact of ADHD need not be so devastating. There are ample examples of people with ADHD who are living their life successfully and happily, due to the right treatment. Unfortunately, for some people, conventional treatment doesn’t always work. These individuals can consider taking ADDTabz, which has received mostly positive reviews due to its minimal side effects. The best part about this brain supplement is that it does not require a prescription from a doctor and costs less than prescription drugs. These brain health supplements are easily available online. One of online store is The recommended dosage for ADDTabz is between 200mg to 400mg per day.