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How to Enjoy the Benefits of Cardio Without Injuring Yourself

When the majority of people get into a cardio routine, their thoughts are often about how easy isn’t going to be and how quickly the results will show. After all, all of the cardio based classes are either fun and enjoyable dance classes or running. How hard can either of those be?

Of course, this is the very mentality that leads the majority of people to jump (pun intended) right into a cardio routine and either cause themselves an injury or are so sore the next day that they lose interest in exercise altogether.

To prevent this from happening to your next fitness endeavor, below are some tips which can help.

Slow and Steady

Unless there has been a zombie apocalypse or, at the least, a wild dog, you shouldn’t be running on your first day of cardio. In fact, if there is a zombie apocalypse, you shouldn’t be out running at all!

But back to the tip, it’s important that you ease your way into a cardio based routine. For example, if you currently undertake no exercise, consider walking around the block a couple of times each night for a week as an achievement, and slowly build on that. Achieving a fitness goal isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon, so take it easy.

Repetition Is Your Friend

While your mind and body aren’t likely to enjoy exercise for the first few times, you can make the transition significantly easier by choosing the same exercise time each day. By doing this, your brain begins to learn the routine and anticipates upcoming exercise by ensuring that your muscles are aware of what’s coming.

The Right Stuff

No, this isn’t a tip about an 80’s song. Instead, it’s a tip to tell you to wear the right clothing. For example, if you are considering hiking as your exercise, be sure to get a pair of hiking boots from the Groupon Coupons page for Athleta which are fit for the task. Similarly, if you will be running, be sure to wear shoes which are designed to keep your foot secure.

Whatever the cardio activity you will be undertaking, be sure that you are wearing the right clothing and fitness accessories.

Stay Hydrated

Just because it looks easy dancing around in the fitness studio or simply running for 30 minutes doesn’t mean that it is. In fact, both of these exercises can exhaust your body and leave your body screaming out for hydration.

When that time comes, be sure to listen to your body and take a rest to rehydrate. If you don’t, you are only going to cause yourself injury and minimize the results of your exercise.

Cardio based exercises are a great way to lose a few pounds or to tone up a few muscles, but they are in no way easy. If you are about to start cardio workouts, be sure to follow the advice in this article to prevent injury and to keep you motivated.