Eugene Bernshtam – Ways to Make Some Quick Money Online

The internet is an amazing invention which has brought us so much change to our lives, and it is also something which can help out when you need to get your hands on some extra cash. Eugene Bernshtam is a very good friend of mine and he was the first person who I actually saw making money online, and it is fair to say that my mind was completely blown. Whilst I do no make a living online, thanks to Eugene, I understand that the majority of people who are out there searching for ways to make money online, are in fact looking to make a quick buck with some online side hustle, and here are some tips on doing just that.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a 100% legal way of extracting some free cash from online bookmakers who offer you the inventive of free money if you sign up with them. the issue is that when you use their money, you only get to keep what you win, you won’t keep the money that they have given you to play with. Through matched betting however you can, as it involves using the bookmaker as well as an exchange, and matching your bet. It’ll take a minute to get your head around, but once you have there is money to be made.

Flipping Goods

I have seen people make tens of thousands a month from flipping goods, and you can certainly make a small percentage of that. Basically flipping goods is about finding a killer offer in store or a cheap product at a yard sale, and then sell it online for a profit. What makes this such a great way of making money is that you are going to have a very good idea what the product is worth before you buy it. Look at the product, check online to see how much it is selling for, buy it, list it and sell it for profit, a great way to make some side cash.


Online you’ll find many survey sites which offer you the chance to sign up and get paid for filling out surveys. These surveys are from a multitude of private companies and government divisions who are trying to find out more about their target demographics, and what customers and citizens are into. The surveys vary in length and value, but the more you do the more your wages will add up. Expect to be able to make around $100 per month doing this.

Freelance Writing

Another option is to look for some freelance writing gigs online. There are loads of freelancer sites out there are people are always looking to have content provided for them. If you are able to secure a client, do good work and be on time, then this could be a real money spinner for you.

These are just 4 of a great many examples that there are, in reality there are plenty of ways of making that extra cash.