How to Experience the Best of Phuket as a Medical Tourist

In Phuket, medical treatments cost much less than they do in countries like Australia and New Zealand. Whether it’s a breast lift in Phuket or some other treatment, you’re in for some serious savings. But how do you experience the best of Phuket as a medical tourist, in addition to saving a ton of money? Here’s what you do:

Check Out the Best Clinics

This is where your experience as a medical tourist actually starts – on Medical Departures. In fact, we help you experience the best of Phuket, primarily by helping you choose the most suitable clinic for your procedure. Feel free to browse clinics in Phuket on our site.

Our screening process includes things like onsite visits, legal/criminal records checks, collating patient reviews, and verifying staff qualifications and association memberships. This means you will be experiencing the best clinics in Phuket if you stick to the places listed with us.

Visit the Best Places in Phuket

Remember that in Phuket, medical tourism is not just about the first-rate clinics, but touristy stuff as well. So to make the most of your experience as a medical tourist there, be sure to visit the best places in Phuket. Here are some things you should do: 

       Spend a couple of days on Phi Phi Island

       Enjoy the Bangla road nightlife

       See Big Buddha

       Check out the Similan Islands

       Relax on the top beaches in Phuket

       Check out the night markets

       See the Phuket FantaSea Show

       Visit the Wat Chalong and Phuket Temples

       Try at least one Phuket viewpoint

       Visit the beach clubs

       See Old Phuket Town 

Plan Everything, and Stick to the Plan

Failing to plan is failing to plan. This adage is also true for you experiencing the best of Phuket while on your medical holiday. So make sure you get a personalized quote, choose a clinic, make your travel and hotel bookings, and get the necessary medical travel insurance. Also, finalize the places you’ll be seeing. For instance, enjoy the beaches and do other strenuous activities before a procedure like a breast lift. And once you land in Phuket, don’t be confused by anything someone you meet says. Whether it’s tourist guides or other people who seek to confuse you, be confident in your plan that you’ve made after proper research.

Check the Prices

Experiencing the best of Phuket as a medical tourist also means appreciating the savings you enjoy. So it’s best that you get an overall understanding of the prices in Phuket and compare them to prices Down Under. Here’s the price comparison for a couple of popular treatments: 

Price of breast lift in Australia: AUD $15,800

Price of breast lift in New Zealand: NZD $17,646

Price of breast lift in Phuket: AUD $9,360 / NZD $10,000 

Price of breast enlargement in Australia: AUD $16,500

Price of breast enlargement in New Zealand: NZD $18,300

Price of breast enlargement in Phuket: AUD $5,000 / NZD $5,550

So, are you ready to experience the best of Phuket, in addition to enjoying the amazing prices listed above? Feel free to plan your medical holiday in Phuket. Medical treatments and wonderful sights & sounds await you.