Points to Consider when Choosing the Best Conference Venue 

Choosing a conference venue should be easy if there are several places to choose from. You simply need to have certain criteria so that you will know whether or not a place is worth booking. The fees for such venues are typically quite high, so you don’t want to make a mistake. Here are some points to consider in order to land the perfect venue.


The place must be accessible. This makes it easier for guests to come using private vehicles or public transportation. If it is an event where you need to attract guests to attend, find a place that has lots of attractions nearby. They might be enticed to join the conference because of the attractions such as landmarks, museums and restaurants. If there are shopping areas around, it would be even better.


Obviously, you need to serve food to the guests. If the venue offers a catering service and it is included in the fees, it would be great. You can save more money if they offer a package deal. However, if you want your own caterer, you need to ask first if it is allowed. If yes, you need to ask if there are additional fees necessary. Usually, a venue will charge you if the venue offers a catering service and you opt to decline it. The same is true for beverages bought elsewhere.


This is a big deal, especially for guests who are bringing their cars to the venue. There should be enough space to accommodate all guests. If parking is tight, you must give advice on where they can park elsewhere. It should be close by. Otherwise, find a different venue that has ample parking space.


Of course, you want to minimise the expenses if possible. In most large conference venues in the UK, the price depends on the location and the services requested. The number of days over which the conference is held along with the time of the year will most likely affect the price. Just like anything else, peak season will result in higher fees.

Internet access and other amenities 

You have to find a way to make your guests feel comfortable. Internet access is a no-brainer. Everyone needs it especially if you have guests coming from overseas. If the venue offers spa and fitness gym services, it would be better. Just make sure the fees quoted cover the use of these amenities.

Once you have found the perfect location, it is time to finalise your reservation. Otherwise, others might book the place and you will have no choice but to find another conference venue which is not necessarily your first choice.