How Comparing Massage Insurance Can Save Your Practice Big Bucks

When you are looking for massage liability insurance, you need to consider how these policies will serve you. You may run a practice with several massage therapists, or you might have a practice that is based out of your home. Look at all the massage therapy insurance options that you have, and remember that insuring yourself personally is different from insuring your business.

You Need Insurance For Yourself

Massage insurance protects you from claims that you have injured your clients during a massage. You might feel as though your clients will be happy after every session, but there is no guarantee. Because of this, you need to ask your insurance agent how much coverage they think you need. The coverage should be based on how many people you see, where you live, and how much you would your deductible to be.

You Need Protection For Your Business

Clients might sue your business if they believe you have injured them, and this is a big difference from suing you personally. You can get insurance coverage for your company, and you can include anyone who works for you. This does not mean that people will sue your company every time they are unhappy.

Ask Your Massage Employees To Get Their Own Insurance

You could work out a plan with your insurance agent to get coverage for all your employed therapists. You know for a fact that your massage therapists need insurance, but that does not mean that they will have it when you hire them. You could provide insurance as part of their contract, or you could give them a recommendation when it is time for them to get insured.

Can You Insure The Building?

You might need to insure the building where you provide services. The building needs enough insurance to make sure it can be repaired if there is a problem. Plus, that policy could absorb any random injury claims that come up. Some people might sue you because they slipped and fell, and that is why you might want insurance for the building.

Can You Get Insurance For Work Inside A Client’s Home?

If you are doing house calls, you should make sure that you have insurance for times when you enter a client’s house. Your agent will let you know how much insurance you need in case of a slip and fall. Plus, you need insurance in case a client claims that you caused damage to the house while you were there.

Compare Insurance Policies

You should compare insurance policies online to make sure that you have enough coverage. Most people who are looking for insurance need to look at a grid that shows all the available policies, how much they cost, and how much coverage they offer. When you have read through these policies, you will have a very good idea of which one you should choose. This might be the information you need to go get a new policy, and you could choose an agent based on this information.


The massage liability insurance that you order should come from an agent you trust. Plus, you need to make sure that you have selected a policy that you believe will protect you in your home, in a client’s home, or in an office. You need massage liability insurance just for yourself, and you should get to know your agent in case you need emergency care. These policies will prevent people from suing you directly, and the insurance company will often provide a lawyer so that you do not need to deal with lawsuits on your own.