How Guerrilla Marketing Benefits Your Business

How many times have you attended an industry event excited to explore new opportunities and to meet with competing professionals, only to find lacklustre display booths and tired promotional tactics you’ve seen a thousand times?

Today’s audiences are not looking for conventional content marketing — people don’t have a lot of time to read endless pages of pamphlets or flyers. With the burst of the Internet and digital technologies, people have become accustomed to immersive, instant gratification.

These days, consumers want to be engaged in brands and they want to feel confident that products and services will fit within their lifestyle before they even make a purchase.

If you’re exhibiting at an upcoming trade show or industry event apply unique marketing event strategies such as guerrilla marketing to your exhibit booth.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is a type of inbound marketing wherein it raises brand awareness among large audiences without interrupting them.

The idea is to subtly surprise audiences with unconventional tactics (think of the flash mob sensation that was happening everywhere a few years ago) but without disturbing or interrupting the flow of their day.

It’s perfect for events because it encourages immediate attention from attendees. With the right event marketing company and brand staff you’ll make lasting impressions on audiences in no time.

Consider the benefits of implementing guerrilla-marketing strategies into your event marketing campaign. One thing is for certain: your attendees won’t be bored!

It’s Cost Effective

Traditional methods of marketing demand ample money, whether it’s print or online. An advantage to utilizing guerrilla marketing is that methods are often low cost. This results in serious savings.

The basic premise of guerrilla marketing is to surprise event attendees. This could involve brand staff dressing up in costumes, arranging a raffle or product sampling, facilitating a photo booth, and it usually doesn’t have too much effect on your monetary resources.

Work with a company with a solid brand staff that can brainstorm creative and engaging ideas. When you attract customers, old and new, you’ll make profits as well as revenue.

It Broadens Customer Base

Guerrilla marketing is aimed at two things: gaining new customers and encouraging old customers to buy again.

Because we live in a world that is shaped by technology with smartphones and cameras, everything we do is now documented online.

With unique guerrilla tactics at an event, people will take photos or videos and blast it into the digital world and your brand will go viral, attracting the attention of people everywhere. Your customer base will increase.

For example, take a look at this Mr. Clean ad that was found at a busy crosswalk on an American street. It strikes attention, and the image went viral and gained a lot of attention worldwide.

It Creates Memories

To truly make an impact at an event you must deeply connect with attendees so that they will remember you long after the event is over.

Guerrilla marketing tactics are so unique that you won’t have to worry about not making a lasting impression.

Step outside of the box at your next event and dazzle audiences with the power of guerrilla marketing.