How to Beef Up Your Business School Application


business school

Do you have dreams of one day becoming a high-level executive and running a company or corporation? If that’s the case, then you probably know better than anyone how important it is to make the right education and training decisions. Statistics show that more than half of the chief executive officers in Fortune 100 companies have a college degree in either business, accounting, or economics. This is the exact kind of building block or foundation you too will need to be thinking about.

So, if you’ve decided that a degree in business is the route you want to take in order to realize your dreams, then you may also want to think ahead and consider ways in which you can beef up your business school application to ensure you get into the school of your choice. Here are some tips that can help you do just that, from experienced manager Louis Hernandez Jr.

Prepare in Advance with Business Management Courses

What better way to create an impressive application than to actually prepare in advance and start to get formal training in the area of business management. There is nothing that should stop you from enrolling in business management courses that are meant to start teaching you real-world skills. You can even focus on a particular area such as management skills courses, behavioral classes, general classes, and math-focused courses.

These courses can teach you about such things as active listening, verbal communication skills, work ethics, written communication skills, how to better focus, strategic planning, project management, and so much more. They can help you to become well-rounded, and more prepared for your future career.

Get Involved in the Community

Application officers love to see potential students who are taking a leadership role, and because you aren’t in your career yet, you have to get that leadership experience in other ways. Some great ways to go about it include volunteering, interning, coaching, and mentoring. You need to find a way that you can show you are able to gather people together, organize them, and have them working towards a common goal.

Boost Your Undergrad GPA and GMAT

Now is also the time to consider boosting your grades. Perhaps your undergrad GPA or GMAT score isn’t exactly the greatest; well there is nothing to stop you from taking the GMAT again. This time around though, make sure you use a prep course. This can drastically improve your score, which is going to look much better on your application. Ideally you want to aim for a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Anything that is 3.2 and lower and you should be thinking about enhancing your academic scores.

Start Following the News

You also want to show that you are informed and are aware of today’s challenges and trends. What that means is that you want to start following the news and reading up on business-related trends, forecasts, and predictions.

Follow the Steps to Success

By following these steps and tips, you will in fact be carving out a path to successful admission in the business school and degree program of your choice