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Michelle Marquez – Inspiration to Achieve Your Dreams

Almost all of us have dreams when it comes to our lives or our careers but there are only a select few people in this world who have what it takes to go on to achieve these dreams. One such person who I am very grateful to call my friend is Michelle Marquez a girl who I met back in law school who had lofty dreams, and who worked tirelessly to achieve them. Michelle always wanted to work in the stock exchange but back then it was not easy for women. These days there are female traders, ladies in positions on the fraud squad, securities commission and in arbitration but in the early 80s this was a dream which seemed almost impossible for Michelle. My good friend achieved her dreams however and here is how she managed it.



Not only had Michelle realized at a young age exactly what she wanted to do with her life, she was also very clear on what steps she needed to take in order to do so. What Michelle had done was to visualize her dream and then work backwards to get a better understanding of exactly how she would be able to achieve it. In many cases our dreams can feel out of reach and this is because we don’t know what the path looks like, ion doing what Michelle did we can gain the foresight to help us achieve what we want.

Work Ethic

Without hard work you will never achieve your dreams and the sooner that you realize this the easier you will find it to get to where you want to go. If dreams were easy to achieve then everyone would be able to do it but they do not and the real achievers are those who are prepared to work at it. Once you know what path you need to take then you must suit up and go after it with everything that you have.


Another key aspect of achieving your dreams is to stay focused and ensure that no matter what stands in your way or what tries to knock you off track, will be batted aside by you and you will carry on. You simply must be tenacious in your search of achieving your dreams and that means that no matter how many times you may fail or how many times you are knocked down, you must keep your eyes on the prize and relentlessly chase it down. Michelle faced all kinds of naysayers and challengers in achieving her dreams of working in the stock exchange, but she didn’t once pay attention to them and instead kept her eyes focused on where she was heading. If you are able to do this with regards to your dreams, then you will be doing as much as possible to go and achieve them.

Don’t give up for second, work hard, work smart and go get those dreams of yours.