How To Digitize Photos With a Professional Service


Did you know that your film photos aren’t built to last forever? Even the Library of Congress has issued a warning that precious film photos can deteriorate with time.

The good news is that there are a few different ways that you can preserve them through digitization. While you can go the DIY route, we do recommend working with a company that will digitize photos professionally.

If you’re staring at that stack of photo albums or those boxes of film wondering what to do with it all, you’re in the right place.

Read on as we explain what to expect from professional photo digitization and why you should go that route.

Professional Services Offer Savings

Why not digitize all of those film photos yourself? Chances are, you don’t have the right equipment to do the best job. Sure, you can scan photos that are already printed, but if you’re also working with slides or negatives, you’re going to need more than a scanner.

Plus, if doing it yourself was an option you wanted to take, you’d have done it already. The truth is that people put off those kinds of DIY chores because they don’t want to spend hours and hours sifting through and digitizing old photos. With professional services, all you have to do is get your photos in the mail.

Professional Services Can Restore Old Photos

Sometimes, it’s not enough to convert film to digital photos. If the film is damaged, faded, or dirty, your digital photos aren’t going to turn out as well as they could.

When you send your photos to a professional service, you can ask for additional restoration services to ensure that you’re getting high-quality photos to post online or show off in a digital photo frame.

Professional Services May Do More Than Digitize Photos

Chances are, you’re sitting on more than just one form of outdated media. Most families are still hanging onto old cassettes or VHS tapes that contain important memories and can’t be replaced. When you work with a company like Envision Video Services, you can send along other forms of media for digitization, as well.

While these forms of media were once cutting-edge, it’s important to remember that like film, they aren’t designed to last forever. In fact, the longer you wait to have them digitized, the worse the quality will become. The sooner you have your media digitized, the less restoration it will require.

Save Your Memories With Media Digitization

Making the choice to digitize photos and other media forms isn’t just about decluttering. It’s also about preserving and sharing memories, rather than letting them fade. Working with a professional media digitization service is the best way to get the job done well and quickly.

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