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How Do I Choose the Best Locksmith in My Local Area?


Did you know that 70% of people have left a property and can’t remember if they locked the doors? If you’ve done this once or twice, this statistic probably doesn’t surprise you.

With smart technology, all-day worrying is eliminated. A smart lock can be locked and unlocked from your devices or with a touch of the pad.

If you want to implement a new locking system or if you are locked out of your property, you need a locksmith. How do you hire the best locksmith in your area?

Keep reading to find out.

Check for Third-Party Approval

Check if a local locksmith in your area is third-party approved. An MLA-approved locksmith company is going to have the best locksmith.

The Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) approval means that a company is regularly inspected, vetted, and employs qualified professionals.

Some companies make false claims of accreditation by using the MLA logo without permission. Find out if a locksmith is MLA-approved through your local government.

Avoid Using National Call Centers

Focus on finding a local locksmith when you are locked out. If you use a national call center, they will sub out work to anyone in your area without verifying licenses.

You never know if these locksmiths are going to do a good job. They also tend to charge you more for services than a local MLA-licensed locksmith.

Ask for Recommendations

Whether you need a residential locksmith or commercial locksmith, you likely know someone who has needed these services. Ask family, friends, and coworkers if they’ve had lock work done and by whom.

You can also check online reviews like Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Highly rated locksmiths will offer you quality services and tips on lock safety.

For example, they might make you a spare key to help with future lockouts. Find out more about how to prevent lockouts here.

Get More Than One Quote

The cost of getting new house keys or getting unlocked out of your vehicle will differ by company. It’s recommended to get at least three quotes for the cost of hiring a locksmith. The price might also depend on location and time of day.

Getting more than one quote can save you money because overcharging is common in this industry. When you take the time to ask various companies, you avoid paying more than you have to.

Be Wary of Schemes

Locksmiths can charge any price because they aren’t regulated by the government. Overcharging and schemes are common because of this.

If you see ads online about locksmiths offering cheap prices consider it a red flag. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Unprofessional locksmiths use the bait and switch technique by promising low prices and then adding further costs once the service is complete.

Hire the Best Locksmith Now!

Searching for locksmiths in your area is no easy task as you have different people to choose from. To find the best locksmith, search locally, for instance Googling “Atlanta locksmith.” Be sure to check for third-party approval, and ask for recommendations.

Ask for more than one quote and be wary of prices that seem sketchy. With all of these tips, you’ll find a professional you can count on!

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