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How to Find an Air Conditioning Repair Service Company in Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids, Michigan is located about 30 miles east away from Lake Michigan. Despite this, the summers can be very humid and warm. This city also experiences delayed heating during the spring months. The highest recorded temperature was 87°F in March. 

As a result of this high temperature, the use of an air conditioner unit is a necessity for folks living in this city. However, what happens when your AC requires repair or servicing? How do you survive the heat? This is where an air conditioning repair service company comes in. 

This article is written to guide you on how to find these companies so that your AC unit can be returned to its optimal working condition. 

Results of Choosing a Wrong Company 

Before we share tips on how you can find a reliable company, let us highlight the results of getting the wrong repair service contractor.

  1. Improper installation
  2. Frequent unit breakdowns
  3. Unit life is shortened
  4. The AC’s operation is inefficient or/and unsafe
  5. Increased energy bills
  6. Service and repair might be late
  7. Property damage, theft, etc.
  8. Building Code violations and penalties
  9. Factory warranty becomes void

Tips for Choosing the Best Company

You must know these tips before the need for repairing or servicing your conditioning system arises. 

Tip 1 – Go for Experience

This is very important when choosing a contractor or company. Many things could go wrong during a repair, and only an experienced contractor will be able to handle such issues. Furthermore, older companies tend to be more organized and capable than most new companies. 

While this is a general reality, some new contractors might be able to handle a wide range of issues because they worked with certain companies before starting on their own. Such contractors also have experience; hence, they are suitable for the job.

Tip 2 – Service Guarantees

Experience is good but service guarantees are better; especially when the guarantees are in writing. The purpose of such guarantees is to protect you and help you to get your money back in case the service doesn’t work as promised. 

Therefore, any company that provides such service warranties are telling you indirectly that they are sure of the service quality they offer. This is a key indicator of their competence.

Tip 3 – Qualified Technicians 

No matter how good a company might look, their ability is dependent on their technicians. Hence, you need to verify if the technicians working for the company have qualified certifications such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence), HVAC Excellence Certification, and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) 608. 

If they don’t have the last two, then they must have NATE certification. If they don’t have NATE, then do not hire them. Click here to find out more about NATE and its certification. 

Tip 4 – Working Hours

Before you decide on a repair contractor that will handle your system’s service and repairs, you must confirm if they work round the clock instead of having specified working hours. 

AC problems could occur at any time even in the middle of the night which can be unbearable if it is one of those hot nights. Hence, you need a company that can come and fix the problem on a call’s notice. 

We must mention that some companies say they offer round-the-clock services, yet they’ll charge you more for the repair or service once it is outside their normal working period. Therefore, make a proper inquiry about this before going ahead to stick with the company. 

Tip 5 – Repair of Different Brands and Models

As much as specialization is wonderful, a good AC repair company will know how to fix issues on different AC brands and models. Imagine having more than one brand and multiple models used in your home and you decide to service them all. In such a case, the contractor/technician who doesn’t know how to fix some of the brands and models you own might end up damaging your property. 

So, the safest way to prevent such an occurrence is to choose a company that can repair all types of AC units.

Tip 6 – Service Cost

Do not be lured into hiring a contractor because of the cheap service fee or cost. When a service or repair cost looks unbelievable, then you’d better don’t believe it and the company. On the flip side, the fee shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. Most fees are relatively affordable as they aren’t too pricey. 

Still on the cost, getting a company that will provide a special discount for the services offered goes a long way. Also, getting a contractor that provides free repair estimates allows you to determine all you’ll be paying for. 

Tip 7 – Get Referrals

Although getting a company can be done through online mediums, however, the better option is asking from those that are close to you. Such people will tell you their honest experiences. 

You can also ask them about companies you have in mind to verify if they know or have patronized such contractors. This action will help you in crossing off certain potential contractors from your list. 

You can check Westshore Mechanical of Grand Rapids if you still want to learn more about finding an AC repair company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Air conditioners are comfort products that residents in Grand Rapids must own. However, to maintain these products, a good repair company is needed. With the article above, we hope we’ve been able to nudge you in the right direction on your quest towards hiring a good service contractor.